Alexa Voice Commands for Hulu: Your Guide to Effortless Streaming

Welcome to Alexa voice commands for Hulu: Your Guide to Effortless Streaming. Are you tired of searching for your favorite TV shows and movies using a remote control? With Alexa voice commands, you can easily access all your favorite Hulu content without lifting a finger. Below are some voice command examples you can use to navigate Hulu with ease.

#1 Playback Commands

“Alexa, play the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu.”

“Alexa, pause the show.”

“Alexa, resume playback on Hulu.”

“Alexa, stop playing the movie on Hulu.”

“Alexa, skip forward 2 minutes on Hulu.”

“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds on Hulu.”

#2 Navigation Commands

“Alexa, go to the Home page on Hulu.”

“Alexa, go to the TV Shows category on Hulu.”

“Alexa, go to the Movies category on Hulu.”

“Alexa, search for The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.”

“Alexa, scroll down on Hulu.”

“Alexa, scroll up on Hulu.”

#3 Season and Episode Commands

“Alexa, go to the next episode on Hulu.”

“Alexa, go back to the previous episode on Hulu.”

“Alexa, play season 3 episode 5 of This Is Us on Hulu.”

“Alexa, what season and episode is this on Hulu?”

“Alexa, go to the season finale of The Masked Singer on Hulu.”

#4 Account Commands

“Alexa, what profile am I using on Hulu?”

“Alexa, switch to my profile on Hulu.”

“Alexa, create a new profile on Hulu.”

“Alexa, change my Hulu password.”

“Alexa, cancel my Hulu subscription.”

#5 Watchlist Commands

“Alexa, add this show to my Watchlist on Hulu.”

“Alexa, remove this movie from my Watchlist on Hulu.”

“Alexa, what’s on my Watchlist on Hulu?”

“Alexa, play something on my Watchlist on Hulu.”

“Alexa, I want to watch my Watchlist on Hulu.”