Alexa Light Commands: 50 Voice Control Examples

Introducing Alexa Light Commands: 50 Voice Control Examples – the perfect guide for anyone looking to simplify their lighting control experience. With the power of voice commands, you can turn on/off lights, adjust brightness, and even set up routines to simplify your daily life. Below are some examples to get you started on your voice control journey.

#1 Turning Lights On/Off

“Alexa, turn on/off [specific light name]”
“Alexa, turn on/off the lights”
“Alexa, turn on/off all lights”
“Alexa, turn on/off the living room lights”
“Alexa, turn on/off the bedroom lights”

#2 Dimming Lights

“Alexa, dim the lights to 50 percent”
“Alexa, dim the kitchen lights”
“Alexa, set the living room lights to 75 percent”
“Alexa, make the lights dimmer”
“Alexa, set the bedroom lights to low”

#3 Light Color

“Alexa, set the lights to blue”
“Alexa, change the lights to green”
“Alexa, turn the lights red”
“Alexa, set the bedroom lights to warm white”
“Alexa, turn the lights to daylight”

#4 Light Scenes

“Alexa, turn on the movie scene”
“Alexa, set the relaxing scene”
“Alexa, activate the bedtime scene”
“Alexa, turn on the romantic scene”
“Alexa, set the party scene”

#5 Light Routines

“Alexa, turn on the morning routine”
“Alexa, activate the bedtime routine”
“Alexa, start the work from home routine”
“Alexa, turn off all lights as part of my leaving home routine”
“Alexa, set the welcome routine”