Pandora Voice Commands: Alexa Examples & Tips

Below you will find a collection of voice command examples for Pandora Voice Commands with Alexa. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply enjoy the convenience of hands-free control, these commands will enhance your listening experience. From playing your favorite tracks to discovering new artists, Pandora Voice Commands will keep the music flowing effortlessly. Explore these examples and unleash the power of voice control for an immersive auditory journey.

#1 Play Music and Songs

“Play some music”
“Play classical music”
“Play new releases”
“Play my thumbprint station”
“Play my favorite songs”
“Play top hits from the 80s”
“Play songs by Ed Sheeran”
“Play my workout playlist”
“Play music for a road trip”
“Play the song ‘Havana'”
“Play jazz music”

#2 Discover Artists and Genres

“Explore alternative rock music”
“Discover new artists”
“Suggest music similar to Arctic Monkeys”
“Play top rock bands”
“Find electronic music”
“Recommend pop artists”
“Play reggae music”
“Find indie artists”
“Discover chillout music”
“Suggest jazz musicians”
“Explore country music”

#3 Create and Customize Stations

“Create a new station called ‘Party Mix'”
“Start a station based on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody'”
“Add this song to my station”
“Delete my ‘Relaxation’ station”
“Rename my ‘Workout’ station”
“Play my custom station”
“Make a station from this artist”
“Play a station similar to this song”
“Add variety to this station”
“Play my personalized radio station”
“Delete thumbs up from this station”

#4 Control Playback and Volume

“Stop the music”
“Skip this song”
“Like this song”
“Dislike this track”
“Thumbs up”
“Thumbs down”
“Increase volume”
“Decrease volume”

#5 Get Music Information

“What song is playing?”
“Who sings this song?”
“Tell me about the artist”
“What album is this from?”
“Give me more info about this track”
“Find lyrics for this song”
“What’s the release year of this track?”
“Who wrote this song?”
“Who produced this album?”
“Tell me about the band members”

#6 Personalize Music Experience

“Create a party mood”
“Make it more upbeat”
“Make this song a station seed”
“Play more songs like this”
“Add variety to my station”
“Play music for relaxation”
“Make it shuffle”
“Play instrumental tracks only”
“Play songs with high energy”
“Play music for studying”
“Play a mix of old and new songs”

#7 Alexa Interactions

“Alexa, play Pandora”
“Alexa, skip”
“Alexa, pause”
“Alexa, thumbs down”
“Alexa, what song is this?”
“Alexa, play my ‘Workout’ station”
“Alexa, volume up”
“Alexa, volume down”
“Alexa, resume”
“Alexa, stop the music”
“Alexa, play some jazz”

#8 Alarm and Timer

“Set a Pandora alarm for 7 AM”
“Play Pandora as my alarm sound”
“Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”
“Play relaxing music until I fall asleep”
“Set a timer for 20 minutes”
“Play Pandora after the timer goes off”
“Set an alarm for my favorite station”
“Play music as my wake-up alarm”
“Set a timer for cooking”
“Play upbeat music when the timer ends”
“Set a Pandora alarm for weekdays at 6 AM”

#9 Pandora Plus and Premium

“Upgrade to Pandora Plus/Premium”
“Play ad-free music”
“Play higher quality audio”
“Tell me about Pandora Premium features”
“What are the benefits of Pandora Plus?”
“Play the personalized playlist”
“Access my Pandora Premium library”
“Skip unlimited songs”
“Play on-demand tracks”
“Download music for offline listening”

#10 Genre-based Commands

“Play some rock music”
“Find country hits”
“Play hip hop stations”
“Find R&B artists”
“Play dance music”
“Discover classical composers”
“Suggest electronic tracks”
“Explore jazz standards”
“Play reggaeton stations”
“Find indie rock bands”
“Play pop music”

#11 Playlist Management

“Create a new playlist”
“Add this song to my playlist”
“Remove this song from my playlist”
“Play my ‘Road Trip’ playlist”
“Add variety to my playlist”
“Delete my playlist”
“Skip to the next track in my playlist”
“Play my playlist on shuffle”
“Play all the songs in my playlist”
“Rename my playlist”
“Add this playlist to my library”

#12 Mood-based Commands

“Play happy and upbeat music”
“Play relaxing music”
“Find music for a dinner party”
“Play music for a romantic evening”
“Discover energizing workout tracks”
“Find calming sounds of nature”
“Play sad and reflective songs”
“Explore holiday music”
“Find party anthems”
“Play music to focus and concentrate”
“Discover motivational tracks”

#13 Playlist Sharing

“Share my playlist on social media”
“Invite friends to collaborate on a playlist”
“Send this playlist to a friend”
“Copy this playlist to another device”
“Share my ‘Workout’ playlist”
“Collaborate with friends on a road trip playlist”
“Recommend this playlist to others”
“Share my favorite Pandora playlist”
“Publish this playlist in the community”
“Create a collaborative party playlist”
“Send my playlist to another Pandora user”

#14 Radio Stations

“Play my favorite radio station”
“Find news radio stations”
“Play comedy radio”
“Listen to sports talk radio”
“Play talk radio stations”
“Find local radio stations”
“Play classic rock radio”
“Explore college radio”
“Play jazz radio”
“Find NPR radio stations”
“Listen to podcasts”

#15 Control Specific Devices

“Play Pandora on my Fire TV”
“Play Pandora on my Sonos speaker”
“Pause the music on my Echo Dot”
“Play Pandora on my Bose SoundTouch”
“Skip songs on my Chromecast”
“Play my playlist on my Roku device”
“Play Pandora on my Echo Show”
“Adjust the volume on my Sonos speaker”
“Play music on my Apple TV”
“Control Pandora on my Android TV”
“Pause the track on my smart TV”