Alexa Expedia Commands: A Guide to Voice Control for Travelers

Welcome to the guide to using voice commands with Alexa Expedia! If you’re a traveler looking for a convenient way to book flights, hotels, and rental cars, then you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find a list of voice command examples that you can use to make your travel planning even easier. Simply enable the Expedia skill on your Alexa device and start using these voice commands to manage your travel arrangements with ease.

#1 Flight Booking

“Alexa, ask Expedia to book a flight from New York to Los Angeles for next Friday.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to find flights to Paris for two people.”

#2 Hotel Reservation

“Alexa, ask Expedia to reserve a hotel in London for three nights starting next week.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to book a hotel in Rome with a pool and free breakfast.”

#3 Car Rental

“Alexa, ask Expedia to rent a car in Miami for the weekend.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to find me a convertible to rent in Las Vegas.”

#4 Trip Itinerary

“Alexa, ask Expedia for my trip details to Barcelona next month.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to update my itinerary for my trip to Tokyo.”

#5 Account Management

“Alexa, ask Expedia to check my Expedia Rewards points balance.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to change my flight reservation to a different date.”

#6 Recommended Activities

“Alexa, ask Expedia for recommended activities in New York City.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to book a guided tour of the Grand Canyon for me.”

#7 Customer Support

“Alexa, ask Expedia to speak to a customer service representative.”
“Alexa, tell Expedia to help me with a problem with my hotel reservation.”