Essential Cortana Groove Music Voice Commands

Are you tired of searching for music manually? With Essential Cortana Groove Music Voice Commands, you can simply use your voice to control your music playlist and enjoy a seamless listening experience. Below are some voice command examples you can use to navigate your Groove Music app with Cortana.

#1 Basic Playback Control

“Play music”
“Pause music”
“Resume music”
“Stop music”
“Skip to the next song”
“Go back to the previous song”

#2 Playlist Management

“Play my 90s playlist”
“Shuffle my workout playlist”
“Add this song to my favorites”
“Create a new playlist”
“Remove this song from the playlist”
“Play my most played songs”

#3 Music Discovery

“Play trending songs”
“Find new music releases”
“Recommend me some relaxing music”
“Discover new artists”
“Listen to top 100 chart”
“Play music based on my mood”

#4 Playback Customization

“Increase the volume”
“Set volume to 50%”
“Play music on repeat”
“Enable crossfade”
“Change equalizer settings”
“Skip to the chorus”

#5 Voice Search

“Find a song by BeyoncĂ©”
“Search for ‘Uptown Funk'”
“Play covers of ‘Shape of You'”
“Find music by genre”
“Search for songs from the 80s”
“Show me music by Taylor Swift”

With these Essential Cortana Groove Music Voice Commands, you can effortlessly control your music library and explore new tunes without lifting a finger. Try out these voice command examples and enhance your music listening experience with Cortana.