Alexa Echo Parody: Hilarious Voice Command Examples for Yelling

Looking for some humorous voice command examples that you can yell at your Alexa Echo Parody? Look no further! Below are some hilarious voice command examples that will surely make you and your friends laugh. So go ahead, give these voice commands a try and see how your Alexa Echo Parody responds to your playful yells.

#1: Food and Drink

“Order me a pizza with extra cheese, like, right now!”
“Pour me a glass of wine, Alexa, I need it!”
“Make me a sandwich, Alexa, and don’t forget the pickles!”

#2: Animal Sounds

“Alexa, bark like a dog for me, woof woof!”
“Meow like a cat, Alexa, I want to hear your best purr!”

#3: Random Requests

“Alexa, tell me a joke that will make me laugh!”
“Play some 90s music and turn up the volume, Alexa, let’s party!”

#4: Silly Questions

“Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?”
“Who’s your favorite superhero, Alexa? I bet it’s Batman!”

#5: Make Believe Scenarios

“Alexa, pretend you’re a pirate and talk like one, arrr matey!”
“Act like a robot, Alexa, I want to hear those beeps and boops!”