50+ Direct TV Now Alexa Commands: Quick and Easy Voice Control Examples

Below are some voice command examples you can use with Direct TV Now and Alexa to have quick and easy control over your TV.

#1 Basic TV Control

“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
“Alexa, turn off the TV.”
“Alexa, mute the volume.”

#2 Channel Selection

“Alexa, go to channel 303.”
“Alexa, tune to ESPN.”
“Alexa, go to HBO.”

#3 Playback Control

“Alexa, pause.”
“Alexa, play.”
“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds.”
“Alexa, fast forward.”

#4 Search and Discover

“Alexa, search for action movies.”
“Alexa, find comedy TV shows.”
“Alexa, recommend a thriller movie.”

#5 On-Demand Content

“Alexa, play the latest episode of This Is Us.”
“Alexa, watch the movie Inception.”
“Alexa, resume my show.”

#6 Recording Control

“Alexa, record the current show.”
“Alexa, schedule a recording for tomorrow at 8 PM.”
“Alexa, cancel the recording for Saturday.”

#7 Parental Control

“Alexa, restrict TV to PG-13 movies.”
“Alexa, unlock the TV for all content.”
“Alexa, set a parental control PIN.”

#8 Device Control

“Alexa, switch to Blu-ray player.”
“Alexa, switch to Xbox.”
“Alexa, turn on the soundbar.”

#9 Settings Adjustment

“Alexa, set the brightness to 50%.”
“Alexa, change the picture mode to cinema.”
“Alexa, adjust the audio settings.”

#10 Sports Updates

“Alexa, what’s the score of the Lakers game?”
“Alexa, when is the next NFL game?”
“Alexa, show me the latest MLB standings.”