10 Voice Command Examples for Google Home Integration with Home Assistant

Below are some voice command examples you can use to integrate Google Home with Home Assistant.

#1 Lights Control

“Turn on the living room lights.”
“Dim the bedroom lights to 50%.”
“Turn off all the lights in the house.”

#2 Thermostat Control

“Set the temperature to 70 degrees.”
“Increase the temperature by 2 degrees.”
“Turn off the heating.”

#3 Media Control

“Play my relaxing playlist on Spotify.”
“Pause the music.”
“Skip to the next track.”

#4 Security Control

“Arm the security system.”
“Check if the front door is locked.”
“Enable the motion sensors.”

#5 Voice Assistant Integration

“Ask Home Assistant for the weather forecast.”
“Tell Home Assistant to add eggs to my shopping list.”
“Find my phone using Home Assistant.”

#6 Smart Home Device Control

“Start the robot vacuum.”
“Close the garage door.”
“Open the smart blinds.”

#7 Scene Control

“Activate the movie night scene.”
“Turn on the party mode.”
“Set the romantic dinner scene.”

#8 Reminder and Calendar Integration

“Remind me to water the plants at 6 PM.”
“Add an appointment to my calendar.”
“What’s on my schedule for tomorrow?”

#9 Home Automation Settings

“Enable vacation mode.”
“Set the morning routine to start at 7 AM.”
“Disable the automatic lights.”

#10 Custom Commands

“Start my morning briefing.”
“Turn on the coffee machine.”
“Tell me a joke, Home Assistant.”