10 Voice Command Examples for Deleting Alexa Commands

Below are some voice command examples for deleting Alexa commands. You can use these commands to manage and clean up your Alexa command history.

#1 Deleting Specific Commands

“Alexa, delete my command to play ‘Despacito’.”

#2 Clearing All Commands

“Alexa, clear all my commands.”

#3 Deleting Commands by Date

“Alexa, delete my commands from last Tuesday.”

#4 Deleting Commands by Category

“Alexa, delete my music commands.”

#5 Undoing Last Command

“Alexa, undo my last command.”

#6 Managing Smart Home Commands

“Alexa, remove my smart home commands from yesterday.”

#7 Deleting Commands from a Specific Device

“Alexa, delete commands from my bedroom Echo.”

#8 Enabling Deletion Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm before deleting commands.”

#9 Managing Routine Commands

“Alexa, delete my morning routine commands.”

#10 Disabling Command History

“Alexa, stop saving my commands.”