Waze Your Way with These Google Assistant Voice Commands

Are you tired of typing in directions on your phone while driving? With Google Assistant, you can easily navigate your way using voice commands with Waze. Below are some voice command examples you can use to make your driving experience smoother and more convenient.

#1 Basic Navigation Commands

“Hey Google, navigate to the nearest gas station.”
“Hey Google, take me home using Waze.”
“Hey Google, find the quickest route to work.”

#2 Traffic Information Commands

“Hey Google, what’s the traffic like on my route?”
“Hey Google, avoid tolls on my upcoming drive.”
“Hey Google, show me alternate routes with less traffic.”

#3 Route Planning Commands

“Hey Google, add a stop at the grocery store on my way.”
“Hey Google, avoid highways on my route.”
“Hey Google, find a scenic route to my destination.”

#4 Location Searches Commands

“Hey Google, find the nearest coffee shop along my route.”
“Hey Google, show me parking options near the restaurant.”
“Hey Google, locate the nearest ATM.”

#5 Voice Control Commands

“Hey Google, report a traffic jam on this road.”
“Hey Google, show me my ETA.”
“Hey Google, mute voice guidance.”

#6 Hands-Free Commands

“Hey Google, reroute to avoid an accident up ahead.”
“Hey Google, show me nearby attractions.”
“Hey Google, cancel navigation.”