Voice Command Examples for Google Assistant’s Call Functions

Below are some voice command examples you can use for Google Assistant’s call functions.

#1 Making a Phone Call

“Call [contact name].”
“Dial [phone number].”
“Phone [contact name].”

#2 Answering and Declining Calls

“Answer the call.”
“Decline the call.”
“I cannot answer right now.”

#3 Sending Messages or SMS

“Send a message to [contact name].”
“Send an SMS to [contact name].”
“Text [contact name].”

#4 Checking Call History

“Show my recent calls.”
“View call history.”
“What calls did I miss?”

#5 Calling Emergency Services

“Call emergency services.”
“Dial emergency hotline.”
“Phone the police.”

#6 Calling Specific Business or Services

“Call [business name].”
“Phone [service provider].”
“Dial [restaurant name].”

#7 Making a Conference Call

“Start a conference call.”
“Add [contact name] to the call.”
“Bring [contact name] into the call.”

#8 Redialing a Number

“Redial the last number.”
“Call back the previous number.”
“Dial again.”

#9 Checking Voicemail

“Check my voicemail.”
“Listen to my messages.”
“Play voicemail.”

#10 Placing a Call on Hold or Mute

“Put the call on hold.”
“Mute the call.”
“Pause the call.”

#11 Transferring a Call

“Transfer the call to [contact name].”
“I want to transfer the call.”
“Move the call to [contact name].”

#12 Switching Between Calls

“Switch to the other call.”
“Move me to the other call.”
“Swap calls.”

#13 Finding Contact Information

“Search [contact name]’s phone number.”
“Get contact details for [contact name].”
“Find [contact name]’s contact information.”

#14 Calling from a Different Device

“Call from my other device.”
“Place a call on my other phone.”
“Dial using my [device name].”

#15 Setting Call Reminders

“Remind me to make a call at [time].”
“Notify me to call [contact name] tomorrow.”
“Set a reminder to phone [business name].”

#16 Asking Google Assistant to Dial

“Hey Google, dial [phone number].”
“Ok Google, phone [contact name].”
“Hello Google, call [business name].”

#17 Making an International Call

“Call [country name].”
“Dial [country code].”
“Phone [city name].”

#18 Blocking or Unblocking a Number

“Block [phone number].”
“Block calls from [contact name].”
“Unblock [contact name].”

#19 Checking Call Duration

“How long was my last call?”
“Show call duration.”
“Duration of the last call.”

#20 Adjusting Call Volume

“Increase call volume.”
“Lower the call volume.”
“Set call volume to maximum.”

#21 Fixing Call Quality Issues

“Improve call quality.”
“Help with call dropping issues.”
“Fix voice call problems.”

#22 Listening to Phone Conversations

“Record my phone call.”
“Listen to a recorded call.”
“Play my conversation.”

#23 Calling a Favorite Contact

“Call my favorite contact.”
“Dial my most frequently called person.”
“Phone my go-to contact.”

#24 Inquiring about Call Charges

“How much does this call cost?”
“Tell me the call rates.”
“What are the charges for this call?”

#25 Creating Speed Dial Shortcut

“Set up speed dial [number].”
“Make [number] a speed dial.”
“Create a shortcut for [contact name].”

#26 Accessing Call Settings

“Open call settings.”
“Adjust call preferences.”
“Manage call options.”

#27 Redirecting Calls to Another Number

“Forward calls to [phone number].”
“Transfer incoming calls to another number.”
“Send calls to [contact name].”

#28 Reporting a Call Issue

“Report a call problem.”
“Notify about call connection issues.”
“Let Google know about call errors.”

#29 Asking for Assistance during a Call

“Help me with this call.”
“Guide me through my phone conversation.”
“Assist me while on a call.”

#30 Checking for Call Updates

“Are there any missed calls?”
“Show new call notifications.”
“Do I have any recent calls?”

#31 Rerouting Incoming Calls

“Send incoming calls to voicemail.”
“Redirect calls to another contact.”
“Send calls to my other number.”

#32 Switching between Speakerphone and Handset

“Use speakerphone.”
“Switch to hands-free mode.”
“Turn on speaker during calls.”

#33 Requesting a Callback

“Ask [contact name] to call me back.”
“Request a callback.”
“Can you have [contact name] call me?”