Voice Command Examples: 13 Android Phone Siri Voice Commands for Enclave

Below are some voice command examples that you can use with Enclave’s Android Phone Siri. These commands are designed specifically for the Enclave system and can help you easily navigate and control your Android phone using voice commands. Whether you want to make a call, send a message, or get directions, these voice commands will make your Enclave experience even more convenient and efficient! So go ahead and give these commands a try to see how they can simplify your everyday tasks.

#1 Making Calls:

“Call [Contact’s Name]”
“Call [Phone Number]”
“Call [Business Name]”
“Call [Contact’s Name] on speakerphone”

#2 Sending Messages:

“Send a text to [Contact’s Name]”
“Text [Contact’s Name] [Message Content]”
“Read my unread messages”
“Text [Contact’s Name] that I’ll be late”

#3 Playing Music:

“Play [Song Name]”
“Play [Album Name]”
“Play [Artist Name]”
“Play [Genre Name]”
“Play my playlists”

#4 Getting Directions:

“Find me a nearby [Restaurant Name]”
“Navigate to [Destination]”
“What’s the traffic like to work?”
“Directions to [Destination]”
“Show me a map of [Location]”

#5 Checking Weather:

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Will it rain tomorrow?”
“Is it going to snow this weekend?”
“What’s the temperature in [City]?”
“Is it windy outside?”

#6 Setting Alarms and Reminders:

“Set an alarm for [Time]”
“Set a reminder for [Date and Time]”
“Cancel my alarm for [Time]”
“Remind me to [Task] at [Time]”
“Set a repeating alarm for [Time] every [Day/Week/Month]”

#7 Opening Apps:

“Open [App Name]”
“Launch [App Name]”
“Start [App Name]”
“Open [App Category]”
“Find [App Name]”

#8 Checking Calendar:

“What’s on my calendar for today?”
“When is my next appointment?”
“Add an event for [Date and Time]”
“Create a meeting with [Contact’s Name]”
“Cancel my appointment at [Time]”

#9 Searching the Web:

“Search for [Query]”
“Find [Topic] on the internet”
“Search for [Image/Video] of [Subject]”
“Search [Website] for [Query]”
“Find the definition of [Word]”

#10 Taking Notes:

“Create a new note”
“Take a note: [Note Content]”
“Show me my notes”
“Read my last note”
“Delete my note”

#11 Checking Notifications:

“Check my notifications”
“Read my unread emails”
“Mark all notifications as read”
“Dismiss my notifications”
“Clear my notifications”

#12 Controlling Settings:

“Turn on Wi-Fi”
“Turn off Bluetooth”
“Enable Airplane Mode”
“Increase brightness”
“Change wallpaper”

#13 Getting Information:

“What’s the time?”
“What’s today’s date?”
“What’s the capital of [Country]?”
“Who is the president of [Country]?”
“Tell me a joke”