Ultimate Guide: Alexa’s Top Voice Command Examples for Skype Out

In this ultimate guide, we will explore Alexa’s top voice command examples for Skype Out, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and utilize this popular communication tool. With voice commands, you can make calls, check your messages, manage contacts, and more, all with a simple voice prompt. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of relevant voice command examples that will enhance your Skype Out experience. Simply say the command and let Alexa take care of the rest.

#1 Call Management

“Call John Doe”
“Call Mom on Skype”
“Redial last number”
“Call the last missed call”
“Answer the incoming call”
“End call”
“Put call on hold”
“Transfer call to speakerphone”
“Increase call volume by 2”
“Mute call”
“Call customer service”
“Call emergency services”

#2 Messaging and Chat

“Send a message to Anna”
“Read my last message”
“Reply to the latest message”
“Start a new chat with John”
“Remove unread messages”
“Delete all messages from John”
“Search messages for ‘vacation'”
“Read all messages from today”
“Send a message to the group chat”
“Send a voice message to Sarah”

#3 Contacts Management

“Add a contact”
“Search for John in contacts”
“Remove contact”
“Block contact”
“Update contact information”
“Create a contact group”
“Call favorites”
“Send a contact card to Mary”
“Find Skype contacts in my area”
“Sync contacts with my phone”

#4 Status and Notification

“Set my status to ‘away'”
“Change my availability to ‘busy'”
“Get my status”
“Turn on notifications”
“Disable message notifications”
“Notify me when contacts are available”
“Update my profile picture”
“Enable message alerts”
“Check for missed calls”
“Change notification sound”

#5 Skype Features

“Share my screen”
“Switch to video call”
“Start a conference call”
“Add another person to the call”
“Enable subtitles”
“Schedule a Skype meeting”
“Send a file during call”
“Find Skype bots”
“Open Skype settings”
“Troubleshoot call quality”

#6 Entertainment

“Play music on Skype”
“Tell me a joke on Skype”
“Read the news headlines”
“Open my YouTube playlist”
“Translate my messages to French”
“Listen to a podcast on Skype”
“Play a game with a contact”
“Recommend a movie”
“Find recipes on Skype”
“Play my audiobook”

#7 Settings and Preferences

“Change my display name”
“Turn on two-step verification”
“Change language preferences”
“Adjust video settings”
“Modify privacy settings”
“Enable desktop notifications”
“Restrict access to my profile”
“Set up call forwarding”
“Configure call recording”
“Customize my chat theme”

#8 Help and Support

“Skype help on video calling”
“Ask for account information”
“How to block a contact”
“Troubleshoot microphone issues”
“Cancel my Skype subscription”
“Get billing details”
“Forgot my Skype password”
“Order Skype credit”
“Check call history”
“Skype customer support contact”
“Report a technical problem”