Ultimate Guide: Alexa Spotify Playlist Commands & Voice Control Examples

Are you looking to take your Spotify listening experience to the next level with Alexa voice commands? Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of voice command examples that you can use to control your Spotify playlists with ease. Whether you want to play a specific song, shuffle your favorite playlist, or create a new radio station, these voice commands will help you harness the full potential of Alexa for an enhanced music experience. Simply say the command aloud to your Alexa device and sit back as your favorite tunes fill the room.

#1 Play/Resume a Song

“Alexa, play ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran on Spotify”
“Alexa, resume my music”

#2 Control Playback

“Alexa, pause”
“Alexa, skip”
“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds”
“Alexa, play previous track”

#3 Shuffle Playlists

“Alexa, shuffle my Sunday Chill playlist on Spotify”
“Alexa, shuffle my Liked Songs on Spotify”
“Alexa, shuffle my Running Mix playlist”

#4 Create Radio Stations

“Alexa, create a radio station based on this song”
“Alexa, create a radio station inspired by The Beatles”
“Alexa, start a radio station of indie rock music”

#5 Search for Songs/Artists

“Alexa, play music by Taylor Swift on Spotify”
“Alexa, find the song ‘Dance Monkey’ on Spotify”
“Alexa, search for songs by Maroon 5”

#6 Add Songs to Playlist

“Alexa, add this song to my Favorites playlist”
“Alexa, make a note to add this song to my Workout playlist”
“Alexa, add this track to my Road Trip playlist”