Top Voice Commands for Direct TV Now on Alexa: Must-Try Examples

Looking for some handy voice commands to navigate Direct TV Now on Alexa? Below are some must-try examples that will make your viewing experience even easier. Simply say the command and let Alexa do the rest.

#1 Basic Navigation Commands

“Alexa, go to the guide.”
“Alexa, show me my recordings.”
“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds.”
“Alexa, fast forward 2 minutes.”

#2 Channel Commands

“Alexa, tune to ESPN.”
“Alexa, switch to NBC.”
“Alexa, go to channel 201.”

#3 Playback Commands

“Alexa, play the previous episode.”
“Alexa, resume watching.”
“Alexa, pause the show.”
“Alexa, skip ahead 5 minutes.”

#4 Search Commands

“Alexa, search for ‘Game of Thrones’.”
“Alexa, find movies with Tom Hanks.”
“Alexa, show me comedies.”

#5 Parental Control Commands

“Alexa, enable parental controls.”
“Alexa, set up a PIN for purchases.”
“Alexa, block TV-MA content.”
“Alexa, restrict viewing hours.”

#6 Settings Commands

“Alexa, change the language to Spanish.”
“Alexa, adjust the video resolution.”
“Alexa, turn on closed captions.”
“Alexa, switch profiles.”

Try out these voice commands on your Direct TV Now with Alexa and enhance your streaming experience today.