Top Google Assistant Commands for Roomba – Master Voice Control

Introducing the Top Google Assistant commands for Roomba – Master Voice Control. With the power of Google Assistant, you can now control your Roomba robot vacuum with just your voice. Say goodbye to manual button pressing and hello to a new level of convenience. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to effortlessly control your Roomba and keep your home clean and tidy. Simply say the command out loud, and let Roomba do the rest!

#1 Basic Cleaning Commands

“Hey Google, start cleaning.”
“Ok Google, clean my home.”
“Hey Google, begin vacuuming.”
“Ok Google, start the Roomba.”

#2 Spot Cleaning Commands

“Hey Google, spot clean this area.”
“Ok Google, clean the mess on the rug.”
“Hey Google, spot vacuum the kitchen.”
“Ok Google, clean up this spill.”

#3 Pause and Resume Commands

“Hey Google, pause the cleaning.”
“Ok Google, stop the Roomba.”
“Hey Google, take a break.”
“Ok Google, pause the vacuuming.”

#4 Docking Commands

“Hey Google, go back to the charging station.”
“Ok Google, dock the Roomba.”
“Hey Google, return to the base.”
“Ok Google, recharge yourself.”

#5 Room-Specific Cleaning Commands

“Hey Google, clean the living room.”
“Ok Google, vacuum the bedroom.”
“Hey Google, clean the bathroom floor.”
“Ok Google, tidy up the kids’ playroom.”

#6 Scheduling Commands

“Hey Google, schedule a cleaning at 9 am tomorrow.”
“Ok Google, clean every Monday at 3 pm.”
“Hey Google, set a cleaning for every other day.”
“Ok Google, vacuum the house on Fridays.”

#7 Edge Cleaning Commands

“Hey Google, clean along the walls.”
“Ok Google, vacuum the corners.”
“Hey Google, focus on the edges.”
“Ok Google, clean the baseboards.”

#8 Custom Cleaning Commands

“Hey Google, clean the carpet twice.”
“Ok Google, vacuum until I say stop.”
“Hey Google, clean in a zigzag pattern.”
“Ok Google, vacuum with maximum power.”

#9 Status Check Commands

“Hey Google, is the Roomba cleaning?”
“Ok Google, check the status of the vacuum.”
“Hey Google, how much battery is left?”
“Ok Google, is the Roomba charging?”

#10 Voice Feedback Commands

“Hey Google, notify me when the cleaning is complete.”
“Ok Google, tell me if the Roomba gets stuck.”
“Hey Google, remind me to empty the dustbin.”
“Ok Google, inform me if there are any errors.”

#11 Cleaning History Commands

“Hey Google, show the cleaning history.”
“Ok Google, what areas were cleaned yesterday?”
“Hey Google, how many times did Roomba clean this week?”
“Ok Google, which room was vacuumed last?”

#12 Roomba Maintenance Commands

“Hey Google, clean the Roomba’s filter.”
“Ok Google, replace the brush on the vacuum.”
“Hey Google, check the Roomba’s wheels.”
“Ok Google, clean the sensors on the Roomba.”

#13 Help and Tips Commands

“Hey Google, how do I clean the Roomba?”
“Ok Google, give me some Roomba cleaning tips.”
“Hey Google, help me troubleshoot Roomba issues.”
“Ok Google, what are some Roomba maintenance tips?”

These are just a few examples of the many voice commands you can use to control your Roomba with the help of Google Assistant. Explore the possibilities and enjoy a seamless cleaning experience with the power of voice control.