Top Apple TV 4th Gen Siri Voice Commands: Easy Voice Control Guide

The Top Apple TV 4th Gen Siri voice commands: Easy Voice Control Guide provides users with an effortless way to navigate their Apple TV using voice commands. With Siri’s intelligent voice recognition, users can simply speak their desired commands and enjoy hands-free control over their TV experience. Below are some examples of the voice commands that can be used to effortlessly control the Apple TV 4th Gen. Whether you want to search for content, adjust settings, or find specific apps, Siri is ready to assist you every step of the way. Discover the convenience and ease of using these voice commands to make the most of your Apple TV.

#1 Basic Navigation:

“Open Music app.”
“Go to Home screen.”
“Show me the settings.”
“Find movies with Tom Hanks.”
“Browse the App Store.”

#2 Playback Control:

“Play the next episode.”
“Rewind 10 seconds.”
“Fast forward to 20 minutes.”
“Pause the video.”
“Skip to the previous track.”

#3 App and Content-Specific Commands:

“Open Netflix.”
“Play Stranger Things.”
“Watch season 2, episode 5 of The Office.”
“Show me comedy movies.”
“Search for documentaries on Apple TV+.”

#4 Siri Suggestions:

“What should I watch?”
“Recommend some action movies.”
“Find a kids’ show.”
“Play something trending.”
“Siri, what’s new in music?”

#5 Settings and Device Control:

“Increase the volume.”
“Turn on subtitles.”
“Switch Apple ID.”
“Change the display settings.”
“Enable Night Shift.”

#6 Sports and News:

“Who won the game?”
“Show me the latest football highlights.”
“Find news on COVID-19.”
“What’s the weather like today?”
“Get NBA scores.”

#7 HomeKit Integration:

“Turn off the lights in the living room.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Show me the baby room camera.”
“Dim the lights in the bedroom.”

#8 Siri Language Commands:

“Change Siri language to French.”
“Translate ‘hello’ to Spanish.”
“How do you say ‘thank you’ in German?”
“Speak in a male voice.”
“Can you speak slower?”

#9 Accessibility Commands:

“Increase audio descriptions.”
“Turn on closed captions.”
“Enable VoiceOver.”
“Magnify the screen.”
“Zoom in on this image.”

#10 Restricting Content:

“Restrict explicit music.”
“Turn on parental controls.”
“Block access to YouTube.”
“Require a password for purchases.”
“Restrict access to mature content.”

#11 Miscellaneous:

“Find recipes on YouTube.”
“Read me the latest headlines.”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Show my photos from last summer.”
“How many dollars in a euro?”

#12 Troubleshooting:

“Why is my Apple TV not responding?”
“Restart Apple TV.”
“Check for software updates.”
“Reset all settings.”
“Contact Apple Support.”