Tasker: Google Assistant Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples that you can use with Tasker and Google Assistant.

#1 Basic Tasker Commands

“Start Tasker”
“Stop Tasker”
“Run [task name] in Tasker”

#2 Phone Control Commands

“Turn on Bluetooth with Tasker”
“Set phone to silent mode with Tasker”
“Launch [app name] with Tasker”

#3 Location-based Commands

“Set location-based profile in Tasker”
“Turn on Wi-Fi when I arrive home with Tasker”
“Send alert when leaving a specific location with Tasker”

#4 Time-based Commands

“Set time-based profile in Tasker”
“Turn on Do Not Disturb mode at 10 pm with Tasker”
“Send a daily reminder at 8 am with Tasker”

#5 Tasker Variables Commands

“Create a Tasker variable”
“Set variable [name] to [value] in Tasker”
“Use Tasker variable in a task”

#6 Tasker Plugin Integration Commands

“Integrate AutoVoice with Tasker”
“Use AutoInput plugin in Tasker”
“Run AutoLocation plugin task in Tasker”

#7 Tasker Profile and Task Creation Commands

“Create a new profile in Tasker”
“Add trigger to Tasker profile”
“Create a new task in Tasker”

#8 Tasker Scene Commands

“Create a new scene in Tasker”
“Show scene [name] in Tasker”
“Close scene in Tasker”

#9 Tasker Backup and Restore Commands

“Backup Tasker data”
“Restore Tasker backup”
“Import Tasker profile or task”

#10 Tasker General Commands

“Authenticate Tasker with Google Assistant”
“Search for Tasker tutorials”
“Access Tasker help documentation”