Superior ChatGPT Prompt for Performance Review

Performance reviews are an integral part of managing and developing employees. As a manager, providing meaningful feedback is essential for employee growth. However, writing comprehensive and insightful performance reviews can be time-consuming. This is where ChatGPT can be a game-changer.

Craft Effective Prompts

The key to leveraging ChatGPT for performance reviews lies in crafting superior prompts. Here are some best practices when creating ChatGPT prompts for reviews:

  • Provide context on the employee’s role, key responsibilities, goals etc. The more background ChatGPT has, the more personalized the review. Employee name: Jane Smith Position: Marketing Manager Department: Marketing Tenure: 2 years Jane's goals this past year were to: 1. Increase website traffic by 20% 2. Improve social media engagement 3. Launch 2 new marketing campaigns
  • Specify desired format such as an intro paragraph summarizing performance, followed by key strengths and areas for improvement. Write a performance review in the following format: 1. Introductory paragraph summarizing overall performance 2. List 3-4 key strengths with examples 3. List 2 areas for improvement with specific recommendations 4. Concluding paragraph on goals and development plans
  • Iterate prompts to refine review drafts. Use ChatGPT’s output to provide additional context and refinements.

Review Examples

Here are some examples of performance review prompts for ChatGPT:

Jane exceeded her goals by increasing website traffic by 25% and social media engagement by 30%. However, only 1 marketing campaign was completed. 

Write a draft review summarizing Jane's accomplishments this past year, highlighting specific examples of her strengths, and providing constructive feedback on areas for improvement with clear recommendations.
John is a customer service representative who receives positive feedback but struggles with call times and following processes. 

Write a balanced review focusing on John's customer service strengths with metrics, while also outlining opportunities to improve productivity and adherence to procedures. Provide 2-3 specific development goals.

Formats for Review Delivery

ChatGPT can also generate performance reviews tailored to different delivery formats:

Email Review

Write a performance review delivery email for employee Sam White. Include a 3-4 sentence summary, note 2-3 strengths with examples, and provide 2 areas for improvement with recommendations. Close with next steps for a development discussion.

Slides Presentation

Generate a 5-7 slide performance review presentation for employee Marie Wong. Cover an intro slide, summary of accomplishments, key strengths with metrics, areas for growth with data, and future goals/development plans.

Streamline Reviews with ChatGPT

With some trial and error, ChatGPT can generate detailed performance reviews tailored to your team. Follow up prompts and refinements are key to creating superior reviews. This enables providing meaningful feedback to employees in an efficient manner.

Over time, collecting chat logs of effective performance review prompts creates a library of templates to enhance and streamline the review process. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can help managers improve their feedback skills and support employee growth.

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