Stable Diffusion Prompts Lexica

Stable Diffusion is a popular AI image generation model that can create amazingly realistic images from text prompts. However, writing effective prompts requires some skill and knowledge of how the model interprets language.

This article provides examples of good prompts across different categories to help you get started with Stable Diffusion. The prompts showcase techniques like stylistic references, descriptive language, directing composition, etc. to produce high-quality AI art.

Landscape Photography Prompts

Here are some prompts to generate realistic landscape photos:

  • A misty autumn morning in the Scottish highlands, golden sunrise lighting up the vivid fall foliage and evergreen trees, prominent foreground rocks and grass, detailed, National Geographic photography
  • Aerial drone photo of the Na Pali coast in Hawaii at golden hour, tropical lush green cliffs and mountains sweeping down to white sand beaches and turquoise water
  • Vast open badlands landscape in Utah with stripes of red, white, yellow and purple rock formations under a dramatic sunset sky

Portrait Photography Prompts

Generate realistic portraits with these prompts:

  • A glamorous fashion model posing in studio lighting, sharp focus, high resolution
  • Black and white portrait of Miles Davis playing the trumpet, dramatic lighting, high contrast
  • A Afghan girl with piercing green eyes looking directly at the camera, shallow depth of field

Concept Art Prompts

Bring your imagination to life by generating concept art:

  • An explorer in steampunk leather armor stands on the bow of an airship soaring over a fantasy city landscape, trending on artstation, Unreal Engine
  • A giant mech robot with glowing neon stripes battles a monster emerging from the ocean at night, cinematic lighting, detailed
  • Interior concept art of a luxurious spaceship lounge in retro-futuristic style, by Syd Mead

Abstract Art Prompts

Experiment with abstract art:

  • Psychedelic fractal flames in the style of Android Jones, ultra-high resolution
  • A surreal floating island of giant plants and trees with a futuristic city embedded inside, by Beeple
  • Geometric abstract sculpture of intricate woven metal and glass in the style of Anish Kapoor

Anime Art Prompts

Anime and manga art can be generated with prompts like:

  • Portrait of an anime girl with long blue hair, red eyes, school uniform, detailed background, 4k
  • Epic fight scene between a samurai and ninja in feudal Japan, highly detailed
  • Cute cartoon fox made of autumn leaves and flowers in Studio Ghibli style

Additional Tips

  • Reference artists and styles in your prompt to match a particular aesthetic
  • Use descriptive language and details to set the mood and direct the composition
  • Experiment with modifiers like “intricate”, “cinematic”, “dramatic lighting” etc.
  • Specify high resolution when aiming for print-quality images

With the right prompts, Stable Diffusion can produce breathtaking images. Use these examples to craft your own prompts and unlock your creativity!

Here are some useful resources:

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