Stable Diffusion Prompts for Graphic Design

As a graphic designer in the age of AI, you have an exciting new tool at your fingertips – AI prompt generators. These tools allow you to describe an image or design concept in words, and AI will generate a visual for you. For creatives, this opens up whole new possibilities for ideation and concept exploration.

In this article, I’ll provide examples of AI graphic design prompts in various categories that you can try out yourself. I’ll also share some tips on how to write effective prompts.

Logo & Branding Prompts

AI tools are great for generating logo ideas and branding concepts quickly. Here are some prompt examples to get your creative juices flowing:

An abstract mark logo with intricate geometric shapes forming the letters N, A in blue and green
A monogram logo mark in the style of art deco, the letters J and S interlocking in a circle 
A wordmark logo for a startup cloud storage company, modern sans-serif typeface on a blue background

When writing branding prompts, include details on colors, fonts, shapes, and concepts you want to convey. Specify a style like art deco or minimalism if you want AI to mimic a certain aesthetic.

Packaging & Label Design Prompts

For package designs, prompts work very well since AI can generate and render 3D forms easily.

A perfume bottle with ornate gold accents and stylised flower etchings on the glass, on a marble surface  
Minimalist yogurt packaging container made of cardboard, top view flat lay with leaves and berries
Ice cream pint container decorated with sprinkles and cherries, plastic material with condensation droplets  

Describe shapes, materials, labels, decorations, ingredients, or other elements you want on the packaging. Add environment details like backgrounds and surfaces too.

Advertising & Promotion Prompts

AI can cook up graphics for ads, posters, social posts, and more to promote brands and events.

A movie poster for a comedy film about a dog detective, illustrated style with the dog wearing a trench coat and hat  
An Instagram carousel post with 3 images announcing a shoe sale, fun bubbly lettering on a pink background  
A brochure page advertising mountain resort vacation packages with scenic photographs of forests and lakes

For advertising and promotion projects, give AI a concept to work with, like a specific product or fictional movie. Add stylistic guidance like illustrated, minimalist or photograph.

Illustration Prompts

AI illustration prompts open up creative options like never before. Here are some examples:

A cute blue robot character with 8 bit pixel eyes, jumping through space collecting stars
A girl with braids reading a book under a tree, watercolor painting in Wes Anderson style 
An astronaut riding a purple space dolphin through a nebula, futuristic vibrant illustration

Have fun with illustration prompts! Describe imaginary characters, themes, color palettes, art styles, and compositions.

Tips for Writing Prompts

Here are some tips to write effective AI prompts as a graphic designer:

  • Be specific on details – describe colors, fonts, shapes, styles, etc. precisely
  • Limit to 1-2 central subjects – avoid too many competing elements
  • Use graphic design terms – e.g. layout, typeface, branding, logo
  • Specify art styles – art deco, minimalism, abstract, modern, cinematic
  • Set a mood or theme – fun, elegant, retro, futuristic
  • Describe environments – backgrounds, contexts, surfaces
  • Give creative concepts – imaginary products, characters, scenarios

The more guidance you give AI, the better your generated graphic will turn out. But don’t overcomplicate prompts either – short and sweet is best.

Useful Websites:

I hope these AI prompt examples spark new ideas and efficiencies in your graphic design process! Let me know in the comments if you have any other prompt categories you’d like me to cover.