Stable Diffusion Prompts for Generating Wallpapers

AI image generation tools like Stable Diffusion allow us to create stunning visuals with just a text prompt. In this guide, I’ll share some of my favorite prompts for making AI-generated wallpapers along with tips for crafting effective prompts.

Prompts for Landscape Wallpapers

Landscape wallpapers can bring a soothing sense of nature into our digital spaces. Here are some great prompts to try:

Mountain Lake Reflection Wallpaper

An extremely detailed matte painting of a mirror-like mountain lake at sunrise, trending on Artstation, Unreal Engine, intricate details, by Greg Rutkowski and Thomas Kinkade

This prompt generates a peaceful lake scene with beautiful lighting and reflections. The references help define the style and level of detail.

Cherry Blossom Forest Wallpaper

Intricate digital painting of a mystical cherry blossom forest in Spring, dense falling petals, soft lighting, depth of field, by Alphonse Mucha and J.C. Leyendecker

Cherry blossoms make a wonderful wallpaper subject. This prompt generates a magical springtime scene with lush flowers.

Fantasy Sunset Landscape Wallpaper

Epic vibrant fantasy landscape digital painting, mystical ruins, mountains, dramatic clouds, sunbeams, trending on ArtStation, by Greg Rutkowski and Thomas Kinkade

For a more magical twist, this prompt incorporates fantasy elements like mystical ruins into a vivid sunset landscape.

Prompts for Space Wallpapers

Spacescapes make mesmerizing wallpapers. Here are some space-themed prompts to try:

Nebula Explosion Wallpaper

Intricate digital painting of a vibrant nebula explosion in space, extremely detailed, intense bright colors, high resolution, by Greg Rutkowski and Artgerm

This prompt generates cosmic explosions of color and light with “extremely detailed” nebula textures.

Planetary Rings Wallpaper

Cinematic matte painting of a gas planet with intricate rings, by NASA, Christopher Nolan movie, epic composition, volumetric lighting, in the style of Simon Stålenhag and Greg Rutkowski

Incorporating references to NASA and Christopher Nolan helps produce a cinematic planetscape with realistic yet artistic lighting.

Futuristic Space Fleet Wallpaper

Epic scene of a futuristic space armada near a neutron star, extremely detailed, cinematic lighting, volumetric rays, intricate spaceships, in the style of Concept Art World

For sci-fi fans, this prompt generates a future space fleet with incredible detail and atmosphere.

Prompts for Abstract Wallpapers

Abstract imagery also makes statement wallpapers. Here are some great abstract prompts:

Geometric Portal Wallpaper

Intricate digital painting of an abstract mystical portal of geometric shapes, crystals, and galaxies, hyperdetailed, intricate, by Hal Lasko and Chris Labrooy

This prompt generates mesmerizing abstract portals mixing geometric and cosmic elements. The artistic style reference helps define the intricacy.

Rorschach Inkblot Wallpaper

Extremely detailed matte painting of a vibrant symmetrical Rorschach inkblot, intense colors, high resolution, in the style of Chris Labrooy and Beeple

Rorschach inkblots make striking abstract wallpaper designs. This prompt generates vivid, intense inkblot patterns with symmetry.

Liquid Lightning Wallpaper

Cinematic digital painting of vibrant electrified liquid in motion, fractal patterns, by Peter Mohrbacher and Chris Labrooy, extremely detailed

For electric abstract designs, this prompt generates electrified liquid patterns with intense fractal details.

Helpful Tips for Crafting Prompts

Here are some key tips for writing effective prompts to generate stunning wallpapers with Stable Diffusion:

  • Include clear style/artist references – This helps define the visual style.
  • Use adjectives like “intricate,” “epic,” or “mystical” to set the tone and atmosphere.
  • Specify a medium like “digital painting” or “matte painting.”
  • Give genre cues like “cinematic” or “trending on ArtStation.”
  • Describe the lighting and mood when possible.

With practice, you can learn to write prompts tailored to your artistic vision. Have fun unleashing your creativity with AI!

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