Stable Diffusion Prompts for Camera Angle

Controlling the camera angle in AI image generation can have a big impact on the resulting image. Tools like Stable Diffusion give artists more control over the camera position relative to the subject by allowing camera prompts in the text input. In this article, we’ll explore some prompt examples for adjusting the camera angle in Stable Diffusion.

Basic Camera Angle Prompts

Here are some common camera angles you can specify in your Stable Diffusion prompts:

High Angle Shot

A high angle shot looks down on the subject from above. You can create this perspective by adding prompts like:

  • Shot from above
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Aerial view

Example prompt:

A lone hiker viewed from above on a mountain trail, detailed painting

Low Angle Shot

A low angle shot looks up at the subject from below. Try these prompts:

  • Shot from below
  • Worm’s eye view
  • Heroic perspective

Example prompt:

A towering skyscraper shot from below, black and white photograph

Eye Level Shot

An eye level shot shows the subject at the same level as the viewer. Some prompts for this include:

  • Eye level perspective
  • Shot at eye level

Example prompt:

A couple standing eye level on a beach at sunset, photograph

Advanced Camera Control

You can get more advanced with camera angle prompts by specifying the exact position of the camera relative to the subject.

Camera Rotation

Add degree values to rotate the camera on any axis:

Subject rotated 20 degrees along the x axis

Camera Distance

Use values from 0 to 100 to set the distance from camera to subject:

Portrait, woman, camera distance: 30

Lower values zoom in, higher values zoom out.

Camera Position

Set the exact XYZ coordinates of the camera in 3D space:

Camera positioned at X: 2, Y: 8, Z: 5  

Composing Dynamic Camera Shots

Combine multiple camera prompts to create more dramatic imagery:

Low Angle Tracking Shot

Man running on beach, low tracking shot, shallow depth of field  

Overhead Wide Shot

Concert crowd seen from directly above, extremely wide lens

Side-Scrolling Background Pan

1960s city street with shops and neon signs, side scrolling background, cinematic

The possibilities are endless when you understand how to control the camera position and motion in Stable Diffusion prompts. Keep experimenting to find what works best for your creative vision!

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