Stable Diffusion Prompt Zoom Out

The ability to “zoom out” in an image generated by Stable Diffusion refers to expanding the boundaries of an existing image to reveal more of the surroundings. This can create an infinite zoom effect or simply provide more context to a focused area.

Controlling the zoom level and perspective in Stable Diffusion prompts requires some precision, but can yield impressive results. Here are some best practices and examples for zooming out in your prompts.

Ways to Zoom Out

There are a few main ways to prompt Stable Diffusion to zoom out:

  • Explicitly define zoom level – Specify a zoom percentage, focal length, or field of view. For example: “50mm focal length”.
  • Describe the surroundings – Prompt elements that would require a wider shot, like backgrounds.
  • Adjust image size – Generate larger images that may contain more of the scene.
  • Use ControlNet sliders – Adjust “zoom” and “crop” sliders if available.

Zoom Level Examples

Here are some examples of different zoom levels you can specify:

  • Wide shot: “cinematic wide establishing shot”
  • Medium shot: “50mm focal length”
  • Close-up shot: “extreme close-up of the eyes”

Note: Avoid prompts that zoom too close on faces as they often ignore the zoom term.

Prompt Structure

Structure your prompts like this for optimal zoom control:

  1. Subject description
  2. Surrounding scene/background
  3. Zoom level terms
  4. Other details

For example:

A spotted cat leaning on a little girl with a forest in the background, 50mm focal length

Advanced Zoom Control

For precise control, use cinematography terms. Here is a chart showing different camera distances mapped to an X/Y/Z axis:

Camera distance comparison

Terms like “medium close-up” focus more on faces, while “long shot” reveals more of the surroundings.

Example Stable Diffusion Zoom Out Prompts


Here are some full prompt examples to create zoomed out images in Stable Diffusion:

Forest Trail Prompt

A misty forest trail leading to an old stone castle, epic wide landscape shot, detailed trees and vegetation, volumetric light rays shining through the trees, by James Gurney and Ross Tran, Trending on Artstation HQ

Space Battle Prompt

Two large spaceships firing lasers at each other near Saturn's rings, extremely detailed 4k illustration, long shot perspective, volumetric lights, intricate, sharp focus, illustration by Ryan Church and Syd Mead, featured on ArtStation

Fashion Model Prompt

A female model wearing an elegant black evening gown, posing on a beach at sunset, 50mm focal length, by Annie Leibovitz and Greg Williams, Vogue magazine cover

Advanced: Infinite Zoom Effects


Stable Diffusion can also create mesmerizing infinite zoom videos. This works by:

  1. Generating an initial image with a prompt
  2. Zooming out slightly to reveal edges
  3. Using inpainting to fill the edges with a consistent style
  4. Looping this process to “zoom out” indefinitely

Here are some tips:

  • Use the Infinite Zoom extension
  • Adjust settings like zoom speed, outpainting strength/noise
  • Use post-processing for smoother transitions
  • Apply color correction for consistency

With the right prompts and settings, you can create magical infinite zoom effects!



Controlling the zoom level in Stable Diffusion is powerful for revealing backgrounds, establishing scenes, and creating infinite zooms. Use precise camera terms, structure prompts effectively, adjust outpainting settings, and leverage post-processing for best results.

What unique zoom effects will you create? The possibilities are endless!

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