Stable Diffusion Prompt Word List

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation tool, but getting good results requires carefully engineered prompts. The prompt acts as instructions for the AI, guiding it to create images that match your creative vision.

With the right prompt structure and components, you can produce stunning AI art. This guide will provide prompt writing tips and keyword categories to help you generate amazing images with Stable Diffusion.

Subject and Style Keywords

The core of a good SD prompt is keywords that describe the subject and style of the desired image.

Some example subject keywords:

  • dragon
  • astronaut
  • flower field
  • steampunk robot

And style keywords like:

  • oil painting
  • vector art
  • low poly
  • Ghibli style

Combining a clear subject with stylistic descriptors sets the foundation for SD to render a specific image.

Quality and Composition Keywords

You can go beyond just subject and style by adding keywords to define image attributes like:

  • High resolution
  • Depth of field
  • Golden ratio composition
  • Cinematic lighting

Specifying quality elements gives SD more directions to create professional, visually-appealing artworks.

Emotive Keywords

Consider including emotional keywords to further bring your images to life:

  • Hopeful
  • Whimsical
  • Serene
  • Dramatic

Prompt Structure

With your keyword categories chosen, structure them effectively:

  • Subject first
  • Then quality attributes
  • Followed by style
  • End with emotive tone

For example:

A dragon with intricate scales, hyperdetailed, oil painting, mystical

Expanding Prompts

Start simple, analyze results, and iterateadd more keywords over time to incrementally improve prompts.

Save versions so you can revert if an addition causes issues.

Surprise and Variety

Inject unexpected keywords to introduce pleasing randomness and surprise:

  • Odd color schemes
  • Unique textures
  • Unexpected styles

This prevents repetitive outputs.

Prompt Guidance Techniques

More advanced methods like CLIP guidance can further enhance control and quality.

Read up on techniques like:

  • CLIP interrogator
  • CLIP guidance scale
  • :v variance control

And tools like Automatic1111’s /imagine feature.

Example Stable Diffusion Prompts

Here are some prompt examples to illustrate the concepts:

Simple Baseline Prompt

An oil painting of a dragon

Adding Details

An intricate oil painting of a green dragon with golden horns, extremely detailed scales shimmering in the sunlight 

Stylistic Variety

A pastel painting of a pink dragon in the shape of a sea shell, whimsical

Surprise and Unexpectedness

An avant garde oil painting of a sleepy kitten dragon curled up in a mushroom, unique color scheme, unexpected

Useful Stable Diffusion Resources

Here are some useful sites to find Stable Diffusion prompts and learn more prompt engineering:

By mastering prompt engineering through both structure and experimentation, you can reliably create incredible AI images with Stable Diffusion. Use these tips and examples as a starting point for your own prompt writing journey.