Stable Diffusion Prompt Woman

Stable Diffusion is an AI system that can generate realistic images from text prompts. When creating prompts for images of women, it’s important to provide enough detail and context for the AI to generate a specific result, while also avoiding potentially harmful stereotypes or assumptions. This article provides examples of thoughtful prompts to generate diverse, empowering, and authentic images of women.

Describe Her Appearance

When describing a woman’s appearance, focus on individuality over ideals. For example:

A smiling woman with short curly red hair, wearing cat-eye glasses and an oversized green sweater

Use descriptive words that emphasize natural features and steer clear of value judgments:

Portrait of a young woman with warm brown skin, a round face, and big dark eyes looking directly at the viewer 

Convey Her Personality

Go beyond the physical to hint at inner qualities. Is she silly, brave, curious? For example:

A tall, strong woman wearing hiking boots and carrying a compass, planning her next outdoor adventure

Give Context for Her Life

Provide a setting, activity, relationship or occupation to make her story richer:

A female scientist in a laboratory, looking into a microscope while taking notes

Feature Diversity

Our identities have many facets. Prompt for a mix of ethnicities, ages, shapes, styles, etc. For example:

An elderly Latina woman smiling brightly with deep wrinkles while gardening

Emphasize Her Agency

Rather than passive objects, show women as empowered subjects and actors:

A young black female pilot looking confidently ahead while flying a passenger plane 

Check Implicit Biases

Examine prompts for unintended and potentially problematic assumptions about gender, race, age, ability, etc. Revise respectfully.

Prompt Responsibly

Adhere to principles of consent, dignity, empowerment and ethical AI. Avoid violent, sexualized or demeaning content.

The most inspiring images of women come from prompts centered in wisdom, grace and our shared humanity. With thoughtfulness on the part of the artist, AI can help create representations that enlighten.

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