Stable Diffusion Prompt Suggestions for Better Results

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation tool that allows users to create stunning visuals simply by providing text prompts. However, writing effective prompts that produce high-quality images requires some skill and knowledge. This article provides tips, examples, and resources to help you write better Stable Diffusion prompts.

Prompt Structure

A good Stable Diffusion prompt generally has the following structure:

[Subject], [Style/Medium/Composition], [Details]

For example:

A oil painting portrait of a girl with red hair and green eyes, realistic style, high detail

Let’s break this down:

  • Subject: “a girl with red hair and green eyes” – This describes the main subject of the image
  • Style/Medium: “oil painting portrait” – This sets the overall style and medium
  • Details: “realistic style, high detail” – Extra descriptive details

Using this basic structure helps the AI understand exactly what you want to generate.

Prompt Elements

Here are some key elements to include in your prompts:


  • Describe the main subject clearly
  • Use adjectives and details
  • Can be a person, animal, object etc


  • Oil painting, watercolor, pencil sketch
  • Photo, digital art
  • Styles like impressionist, art deco


  • Portrait, landscape, still life
  • Close-up, aerial view
  • Full body, half body


  • Colors, textures, lighting
  • Realistic, cartoon, abstract
  • Background elements

Prompt Examples

Here are some example prompts covering different subjects and styles:

An oil painting of a bowl of fruit by Caravaggio, dramatic Baroque lighting, high detail
A candid photograph of a girl laughing and eating ice cream on a summer day, soft lighting
A pencil sketch portrait of a contemplative old man with a beard, detailed textures, by Rembrandt 
A vibrant digital art landscape of a fantasy kingdom, towering castles, misty mountains, by Greg Rutkowski

Useful Resources

Here are some great sites to find more Stable Diffusion prompts and examples:

You can browse these galleries and get inspiration for your own prompts. Pay attention to prompts that produce images you like.


The key to creating great images with Stable Diffusion is learning how to write effective prompts. Follow the prompt structure outlined here, include key details, and browse prompt examples to continue improving your prompt writing skills. With some practice, you’ll be able to produce stunning AI-generated artworks.

Useful Websites