Stable Diffusion Prompt Save

  • Brief background on what Stable Diffusion is and how it works
  • Explain the importance of prompts in generating images with Stable Diffusion
  • Note key capabilities like image generation, inpainting, outpainting etc.

Prompt Formatting

  • Explain best practices for formatting Stable Diffusion prompts
  • Things like specifying sampler, seed, image dimensions etc.
  • Use of markdown formatting for clarity

Prompt Engineering Tips

  • How to create effective prompts that generate high quality images
  • Using the right keywords, style cues, detailed descriptions etc.
  • Iteratively refining prompts through trial and error

Prompt Examples

  • Showcase 10-15 example prompts across different categories
  • Things like portraits, landscapes, sci-fi etc with detailed prompt text
  • Show generated image results for some prompts

Prompt Resources

  • Link to useful sites for finding and sharing prompts like PromptHero
  • Open source prompt templates from GitHub
  • Relevant academic papers on prompts from arXiv

Make sure to use markdown formatting for section headers, lists, links and images from the search results. Focus on providing practical prompt engineering guidance to help users create better Stable Diffusion images.