Stable Diffusion Prompt Real Photo

Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI system for creating images and art from text descriptions. It uses a technique called “diffusion models” to iteratively transform random noise into realistic images. Stable Diffusion has become hugely popular among artists, developers, and creators for its ability to generate beautiful, creative visuals.

When using Stable Diffusion, you provide a prompt – a textual description of the image you want it to generate. Crafting effective prompts is key to getting great results from the system. Prompts allow you to specify styles, compositions, subjects, and more.

In this article, we’ll provide prompt examples and techniques to help you create amazing AI art with Stable Diffusion.

Prompt Structure

A basic Stable Diffusion prompt has a simple structure:

[Subject] [Style Cues] [Composition]

For example:

An astronaut riding a horse, digital art, centered composition

Let’s break down the key components:


The subject forms the main focus of your generated image. For best results, choose a single main subject or two subjects interacting. Avoid overly complex ideas. Some examples:

  • A lady with red hair
  • An astronaut riding a horse
  • A robot making pizza

Style Cues

Style cues indicate the desired artistic style for rendering the subject. Reference specific artists, genres, mediums, art movements and more. For example:

  • Oil painting by Rembrandt
  • Digital art by Greg Rutkowski
  • Cubist style
  • Impressionist watercolor


Compositional elements provide guidance on image layout. This helps Stable Diffusion understand where to place subjects and how to frame the overall scene. Useful cues include:

  • Centered composition
  • Portrait crop
  • Cinematic widescreen
  • Rule of thirds
  • Aerial perspective

Prompt Categories

Here are some common categories of prompts to spark ideas:


Generate stylized portraits of people, animals, and imaginary characters:

A female warrior wearing armor, digital painting, sharp focus, detailed, by Artgerm
A cat wearing steampunk goggles, oil painting with thick brushstrokes 
An elf ranger adventurer, trending on artstation, by Greg Rutkowski  


Craft breathtaking natural and fantasy landscapes:

Majestic mountains reflecting in a lake at sunrise, by Thomas Kinkade
A lush alien jungle on an exoplanet, detailed matte painting, by Ian McQue  
Japanese pagoda nestled in a bamboo forest, ink wash painting

Still Life

Arrange inanimate objects into interesting still life scenes:

Bowls of fruit and flowers on a table, Dutch Golden Age painting by Old Masters  
Steampunk mechanical objects and gears, by Irakli Nadar  
Crystal balls and potion bottles, dark academia aesthetic, dramatic lighting

Advanced Prompting Techniques

Take your prompts to the next level with these expert techniques:

Style Interpolations

Blend multiple styles by listing artists or genres separated by slashes:

An astronaut exploring Mars, oil painting by Rembrandt/digital art by Asher Brown Durand/genshin impact anime style

Aspect Ratios

Define non-standard aspect ratios to match photographic prints, movie formats, and more:

A fashion model walking down a runway, cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio

Detailed Descriptions

Add adjectives and details to describe exactly what you want:

A close up portrait of a female warrior with long flowing red hair, intense green eyes, and war paint on her face


Build an interesting story around your prompt:

A steampunk airship captain standing heroically atop her ship as it flies through stormy skies, digital art

Prompt Websites

Here are some great sites to find prompts and prompt inspiration:


Crafting effective prompts is crucial to creating amazing AI art with Stable Diffusion. Use the examples and techniques here to level up your prompt game. Remember to experiment relentlessly – let your imagination run wild!

Useful Websites