Stable Diffusion Prompt Lora

Stable Diffusion is an AI image generation model that can create images from text prompts. It was created by Stability AI and is one of the leading AI art generators available today.

Lora is a fictional character that has become popular to use in Stable Diffusion prompts. She represents an anime-style girl with long hair. Using Lora in prompts tends to produce images with a consistent anime art style.

Crafting Effective Stable Diffusion Prompts

When creating Stable Diffusion prompts, it’s important to provide enough detail and context for the AI to generate the image you want. Here are some tips:

Describe the Subject in Detail

Give a detailed description of what you want the AI to generate. For example:

Lora with long pink hair, wearing a blue dress, standing in a sunny meadow with flowers and butterflies

Set the Art Style

Specify the desired art style, like anime, oil painting, or pencil sketch. For example:

An anime portrait of Lora with sparkling eyes, delicate features, and rosy cheeks

Provide Context and Background

Give the AI more context about the scene, character, or object you want it to generate. For example:

Lora watering flowers in a garden behind her cottage on a warm spring day

List Visual Elements

Enumerate specific visual elements you want to include, like:

Lora wearing a flower crown, elf ears, sparkling eyeshadow, and crystal necklace

Use Markdown Formatting for Readability

Format your prompt with line breaks and bullet points to make it easy to read and modify. For example:

Lora with:

- Long pink hair
- Crystal tiara
- Off shoulder white dress
- Standing in front of a marble fountain

Advanced Prompt Design Techniques

As you get more experienced with Stable Diffusion, you can start using more advanced techniques like:

Stylistic References

Mention a specific artist, art style or aesthetic. For example:

Lora in ukiyo-e style by Katsushika Hokusai

Aspect Ratio Adjustment

Set the desired aspect ratio, like 16:9 or square:

Lora portrait, 4:5 aspect ratio

Image Size Specification

Indicate the output image size in pixels:

Lora full body image, 1000 x 1500 pixels

Variety and Originality

Encourage variation by saying “a unique version” or “slightly different than usual.” For example:

A unique version of Lora with braided cyan hair, in a colorful avant garde style

Textual Inversion

Reference the AI itself to make it continue an image series or art style. For example:

Lora in the same art style as before, with matching clothes and scenery

Prompt Sets for Batch Generation

You can generate multiple related images by creating a prompt set file. For example:

Lora watering flowers in a garden behind her cottage on a warm spring day
Lora having a tea party with her animal friends under the big oak tree 
Lora reading a book peacefully next to a quietly bubbling stream

Then generate images for all prompts in the set file at once.


Crafting effective Stable Diffusion prompts is part art and part science. Start simple, be detailed and descriptive, format prompts cleanly, provide context and style references, adjust parameters, and encourage variation and originality. With practice, you’ll be able to produce amazing AI-generated images through textual prompts alone!

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