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AI image generators like DALL-E and Midjourney allow you to create images from text prompts. Here are some examples of effective image prompts:

“A painting of a girl with red hair wearing a blue dress, in the style of Van Gogh” – This prompt includes the subject, key descriptors, and desired art style.

“A wide angle photograph of a modern city skyline at sunset” – Specifying photographic style and composition leads to more consistent results.

Abstract and Surreal Prompts

More abstract prompts can produce interesting, surreal images:

“An astronaut riding a horse on Mars” – Whimsical prompts can spark the AI’s creativity.

“A close up view of a robotic bee pollinating a flower” – Mixing subjects in imaginative ways often works well.

Text Generation Prompts

Large language models like GPT-3 can generate remarkably coherent text when given the right prompts.

Creative Writing Prompts

“Write a short fantasy story about a wizard who discovers a magical ring” – Clear direction combined with creative freedom helps the AI.

“Compose a poem from the perspective of a lonely scarecrow in a cornfield” – Evocative and emotional prompts inspire poignant writing.

Factual Prompts

The AI can also summarize factual information if properly prompted:

“Briefly explain the key events of World War 2 in three paragraphs or less” – Concise length and scope requirements focus the output.

“List 10 interesting facts about sloths in bullet point form” – Structuring the request as a list produces clear, specific results.

Code Generation Prompts

AI programs like GitHub Copilot can generate code from natural language prompts:

Clear Functional Requirements

“Write a Python function to sort a list of integers from smallest to largest” – Unambiguous goals avoid unclear output.

“Generate JavaScript code for a basic calculator web app with buttons for add, subtract, multiply and divide” – More complex asks may require additional clarification.

Providing Examples

Supplying code examples helps:

# Example:

def double(x):
    return x * 2

“Write a function to triple an input value, like in the example above” – This context primes the AI to produce relevant code.

Helpful Prompt Writing Tips

  • Use clear, straightforward language
  • Include all necessary details
  • Provide examples when helpful
  • Constrain scope for focused output
  • Spark creativity with imaginative concepts

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