Stable Diffusion Prompt Library

Stable Diffusion is a popular AI image generation model that creates images from text prompts. Getting the prompt right is key to generating high-quality and creative images. Here are some prompt engineering best practices and examples to help you create amazing AI art with Stable Diffusion.

Describe the Subject

Start your prompt by clearly describing the main subject or focus of the image. Be as specific as possible.

Good prompt: “A portrait of a girl with red hair, green eyes, freckles, and a crown made of flowers on her head.”

Bad prompt: “A girl”

Set the Style

Next, set the artistic style you want the image to follow. Reference specific artists, genres, art movements, etc.


  • “In the style of impressionist painting”
  • “In the style of Hayao Miyazaki”
  • “A surrealist interpretation of…”
  • “A pop art portrait of…”

Add Desired Details

Include any small details you want to see in the final image, like:

  • Facial expression
  • Clothing
  • Background
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Color palette

Example: “A girl with a mischievous grin in a blue dress, holding a red balloon, standing in front of a pastel colored carousel at sunset.”

Use Modifiers for Precision

Append modifiers at the end to refine your prompt. Modifiers are short phrases that tweak aspects of the image.

Quality Modifiers

  • “Intricately detailed”
  • “Cinematic lighting”
  • “Unreal engine”
  • “Extremely high resolution”

Style Modifiers

  • “Minimalist”
  • “Geometric shapes”
  • “Bold outlines”
  • “Painterly style”

Content Modifiers

  • “Looking at viewer”
  • “Full body shot”
  • “Close up portrait”

Example prompt: “A girl with a mischievous grin in a blue dress, holding a red balloon, standing in front of a pastel colored carousel at sunset. Extremely high resolution, cinematic lighting, intricate details, painterly style.”

Avoid Unwanted Content

Add a comma separated list of content you want to avoid at the very end, prefixed by “no” or “without”.

Example: “No nudity, no violence, safe for work”

This reduces chances of NSFW/NSFL content slipping through.

Test and Refine

Generating images from prompts requires experimentation. Test out prompts and make tweaks until you get the desired result!

Useful Prompt Keywords

Here is a list of prompt keywords that commonly produce appealing results with Stable Diffusion:

Quality: extremely detailed, hyperdetailed, intricate, highly detailed, sharp focus, 8k resolution

Style: trending on artstation, concept art, matte painting

Lighting: cinematic lighting, rim lighting, chiaroscuro

Color: vibrant colors, saturated, vivid colors, vibrant

Composition: rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetrical, balanced composition

Mood: atmospheric, moody, emotional

General: masterpiece, best quality, highest quality, photorealistic, Unreal Engine, AAA game graphic

Prompt Sets

Prompt sets are groups of related prompts focused on a specific theme or subject, like “fantasy characters” or “food photography”.

Here are some fun prompt sets to try with Stable Diffusion:

Fantasy Characters

An elf ranger with a bow, intricate armor, standing heroically on a cliff edge overlooking a misty valley. Trending on ArtStation.

A female orc shaman casting a magic spell, wearing tribal jewelry and clothing, very detailed.

A dwarf warrior wearing steampunk armor and goggles, holding a glowing axe and shield.

Food Photography

A close up photograph of a freshly baked chocolate cake with melting chocolate ganache, soft bokeh background. Food magazine cover.

An aerial view charcuterie board with assorted cured meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts, cinematic lighting.

A bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup, sliced carrots and celery garnish, warm cozy lighting. 

Prompt Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when writing Stable Diffusion prompts for best results:

  • Be specific in describing the subject and details
  • Use modifiers to refine style, quality and composition
  • Specify the lighting and color palette
  • Add “no {content}” to avoid unwanted elements
  • Experiment and iterate on prompts
  • Use prompt sets to generate batches of related images
  • Reference specific artists and art styles
  • Use prompt keywords known to work well

With practice, you’ll get better at composing prompts that produce stunning, creative images with Stable Diffusion. Have fun exploring all that this amazing AI art tool can generate!

Here are some useful websites for finding more Stable Diffusion prompts: