Stable Diffusion Prompt Language

Stable Diffusion is an AI system that generates images from text prompts. Crafting good prompts is key to getting great results from Stable Diffusion. I have spent many hours experimenting with prompts and figured I’d share what I’ve learned to help others.

In this article, I’ll provide a bunch of prompt examples and techniques you can use when generating AI art. I’ll also link to some useful prompt guides and websites at the end. My goal is to showcase my expertise in Stable Diffusion prompting to help you create better AI art.

Prompt Structure

A good Stable Diffusion prompt generally has this basic structure:

"A [type of image] of a [main subject], [style], [details]" 

Some examples:

  • “An oil painting of a robot butler in a steampunk style”
  • “A digital illustration of an astronaut riding a horse in space, trending on ArtStation”

Let’s break down the components:

  • Type of image: oil painting, digital illustration, pixel art
  • Main subject: what the image is of
  • Style: art style, aesthetic
  • Details: extra descriptive details

Describe the Main Subject

The main subject should be 1-2 primary things or people. Avoid complex scenes with multiple subjects and actions. Stable Diffusion handles single subjects much better.

Use adjectives and nouns to describe the subject. Stay away from verbs and actions which can confuse the AI.

Style it Up

Add an art style like “impressionist”, “art deco”, or “vintage”. You can also reference a specific artist.

"In the style of Van Gogh"

Visual styles like “cinematic lighting” or “depth of field” also work well.

Extra Descriptive Details

Include extra details about colors, clothing, facial expressions or surroundings. The more descriptive you are, the better.

Surprise Me Prompts

Try using “surprise me” instead of specifying a subject or style. This leaves certain elements up to the AI’s imagination.

"A surreal surprise me digital painting"

You can also mix specified and “surprise me” elements.

Advanced Prompting Techniques

Once you get the basics down, here are some advanced techniques to level up your prompt game.

Weighted Descriptions

You can weight keywords by adding a number in parentheses after it. Higher numbers signal more importance.

cyberpunk (2.0)

Direct the Composition

Guide the image composition by describing camera angles, lighting, depth of field, etc.

Limit Unwanted Elements

Add “no [element]” or “minus [element]” to limit things you don’t want.

Create Consistent Faces

Refer to the same person with a name to generate consistent faces between images.

"A portrait of Jane with blue eyes"
"Jane wearing a red dress, portrait" 

Useful Prompt Tools and Sites

Here are some awesome resources for finding and building better prompts:

I hope these Stable Diffusion prompt examples and techniques give you some new ideas for creating amazing AI art! Let me know if you have any other questions.