Stable Diffusion Prompt Keywords List

Prompt engineering is the art and science of crafting effective text prompts to generate high-quality AI art with Stable Diffusion. As one of the most popular AI art generators, mastering prompts is key to unlocking Stable Diffusion’s creative potential.

Defining Your Artistic Vision

When writing a Stable Diffusion prompt, first clearly define the artistic vision you want to achieve. Outline details like:

  • Subject matter
  • Style/medium (photography, oil painting etc.)
  • Composition (framing, angle etc.)
  • Lighting
  • Background
  • Other aesthetic elements

Essential Prompt Elements

Structure your prompt with these key elements:


Describe the main focus of your artwork, whether it’s a portrait, landscape or abstract composition. Specify attributes like age, gender, clothing etc. for human subjects.


Indicate artistic style to emulate like realism, cubism or art deco. You can also reference famous artists.


Add descriptive details about colors, textures, shapes and other visual elements. More details typically yield better results.


Describe the desired framing, angle of view, depth of field and arrangement of subjects.


Note the lighting style, such as Rembrandt, stage or rim lighting. This greatly impacts mood and drama.

Helpful Prompt Writing Tips

Here are some useful prompt writing tips:

  • Use clear, simple language
  • Break long prompts into short sentences
  • Group related descriptors together
  • Prioritize the most important elements first
  • Use active voice and strong imperatives like “make”, “create”
  • Limit prompts to 300-500 characters

Prompt Keyword Categories

These prompt keyword categories help enhance generated images:

  • Style: oil painting, impressionism, pixel art
  • Quality: high-res, hyperrealistic, photorealistic
  • Lighting: soft lighting, harsh lighting, chiaroscuro
  • Composition: rule of thirds, centered, diagonal
  • Details: intricate details, highly detailed
  • Mood: somber, bright palette, vibrant

Example Stable Diffusion Prompts

Here are some example prompts showcasing the above principles:

An oil painting of a girl in a blue dress sitting by a lake at sunset. Soft golden light illuminates her pensive face. Lush green trees and mountains in the background.

A candid black and white photo of an elderly man playing chess in the park. He is focused intently on the game while his opponent watches patiently. Soft natural lighting.

A psychedelic portrait of a woman with long flowing rainbow hair. Her face is centered in a circular frame decorated with geometric shapes. Vibrant colors swirl in the background.  

Prompt Iteration

Experiment by iteratively modifying prompts and studying how changes impact artwork. Adjust elements like style, lighting and composition to refine prompts.

Useful Prompt Engineering Resources

Here are some useful resources for crafting better Stable Diffusion prompts:

With practice honing prompts using these techniques, you can unlock Stable Diffusion’s capabilities for AI art generation.