Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator Download

Generating realistic and creative images with Stable Diffusion requires carefully crafting the text prompt. Prompt engineering is key to guiding the AI model to produce the desired output. Here are some useful prompt engineering tips and examples to get great results with Stable Diffusion.

Describe the Subject in Detail

Provide a detailed description of the subject or main focus of the image. For example:

A close up portrait of a girl with long, straight brown hair, bright green eyes, light skin, and freckles across her cheeks. She has a warm smile showing white teeth. 

Specify the Style

Explicitly state the art style you want the image generated in. Some examples:

  • Oil painting by Rembrandt
  • Ghibli anime style
  • Dreamlike surrealism

Name Specific Artists

Referencing the styles of well-known artists helps Stable Diffusion mimic their techniques. For example:

A majestic landscape painting in the style of Bob Ross

Set the Tone and Lighting

Add descriptive details about the tone, lighting, shadows and colors:

A still life painting with dramatic lighting, high contrast, deep shadows and rich golden colors

Increase Realism

Adding these terms often produces more photorealistic results:

Extremely detailed, depth of field, cinematic lighting, 8k resolution

Guide Aspect Ratio

Specify widescreen, portrait, square or panoramic images like this:

A panoramic image with a 3:1 aspect ratio

Improve Image Quality

These terms enhance quality, reduce artifacts and fix distortions:

Masterpiece, highly detailed, clean sharp focus, perfect

Useful Prompt Templates

Here are some templates you can customize by filling in the blanks:

Portrait Template

A high quality digital portrait of a [gender] with [hair color] [hairstyle], [eye color] eyes, [skin tone] skin, and [other facial features]. [He/she] is wearing [clothing/accessories] and has a [emotion/expression]. The portrait has [style] lighting and is in [artist/photographer]'s style. [Resolution/quality descriptors].

Landscape Template

A beautiful, [style] landscape painting of a [location/scene] with [weather], [time of day] light creating a [color scheme] color palette. There is a winding path leading through [foreground elements] in the foreground with [background elements] in the background. Painted by [artist] in [year]. [Quality descriptors].

Still Life Template

A [style] still life painting by [artist] featuring [primary objects] as the main focus, with [secondary objects] in the background composition. The objects have [lighting] illuminated on a [color] background, with strong [composition] and [quality descriptors].

Prompt Websites

Here are some helpful sites for finding and sharing prompts:

Using detailed prompts with these tips will help you get fantastic images out of Stable Diffusion!