Stable Diffusion Prompt Full Body Shot

I’m an AI artist specializing in generating full body portraits using Stable Diffusion prompts. Over the past year, I’ve experimented extensively to nail down prompts that reliably produce high-quality, full body images in a variety of styles.

In this article, I’ll share my best tips and prompt examples for getting great full body results with Stable Diffusion. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your portraits to the next level, you’re sure to find some useful advice here.

Crafting Effective Full Body Prompts

The key to getting good full body results lies first and foremost in how you structure your prompts. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Specify “Full Body”

Make sure to explicitly include the words “full body” or “full-body” somewhere near the beginning of your prompt. This clearly signals to the AI what type of composition you’re looking for.

Good: full body portrait of a wizard casting a spell, digital art

Bad: portrait of a wizard casting a spell, digital art

Set the Pose

Give the AI guidance on what pose you want by including descriptive terms like “standing”, “sitting”, “leaning against a wall”, etc. Avoid vague prompts that could be interpreted multiple ways.

Limit Variation

Narrow down the possible outputs by limiting extraneous details that could vary, like facial expression, background, clothing, etc. Keep the focus on the full body form.

Helpful Prompt Structure

I’ve found the following template works very well for consistent, high quality full body results:

[subject], [full body descriptor], [pose descriptor], [style descriptor]

Let’s break down what each component does:

Subject: The main focus of your image. Ex: a wizard, superhero, anime character.

Full body descriptor: Specifies you want a full body shot. Ex: full body portrait.

Pose descriptor: Sets a specific pose like standing, sitting, jumping.

Style descriptor: Defines the overall style/medium like digital painting, anime, Pixar.

With this basic framework, you can start crafting prompts tailored to your creative vision!

Example Full Body Prompts

Here are some full body prompts I’ve used successfully in Stable Diffusion:

Realistic Full Body Portrait

woman in red dress, full body portrait, standing with hand on hip, by greg rutkowski


This produces a realistic full body portrait of a woman standing in a red dress. Specifying the pose and limiting variation gives consistent results.

Anime Full Body Action Pose

teenage girl with pink hair, full body, jumping high in the air, detailed dynamic anime illustration


Using “jumping high in the air” sets an action-oriented anime pose. Great for energetic scenes!

Pixar Style Full Body Character Design

big green ogre wearing brown pants, full body character turnaround, pixar animation concept art


The “character turnaround” descriptor tells the AI to show the full rotation of the ogre’s body. Perfect for visual development!

Advanced Prompting Techniques

As you get more advanced, try adding these prompt elements to take your full body portraits to the next level:

Detailed Anatomy

Include anatomical terminology to render figures more accurately:

man doing side kick, full body anatomical reference, digital painting

Dramatic Lighting

Up the cinematic flair with lighting descriptors:

woman wearing futuristic armor, full body portrait, looking towards light source, rim lighting, in the cyberpunk style

Expanded Canvas

Render at higher resolutions to allow more negative space:

-ar 3:2 -s1024x1536

Experiment and find what works for you! The possibilities are endless with Stable Diffusion.

Useful Resources

Here are some helpful sites for exploring more full body prompts:

I hope you found these prompt examples and tips useful! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m always happy to help fellow AI artists. Now go unleash your creativity with Stable Diffusion!


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