Stable Diffusion Prompt from Text File

When using AI image generators like Stable Diffusion, the text prompts you provide are crucial for getting good results. I have spent many hours experimenting with prompts and want to share what I’ve learned to help you generate better images.

The key things to focus on are:

  • Using descriptive language
  • Specifying styles and qualities
  • Controlling image content

Descriptive Language


The AI relies completely on your text prompt to understand what you want to generate. Using more descriptive language allows it to produce better results.

Some things that help:

  • Adjectives – Describe colors, textures, tones, etc. For example, “a towering oak tree with rough, furrowed bark”.
  • Details – The more specific your description, the less room for interpretation by the AI. Details like time of day, clothing styles, nearby objects all help.
  • Metaphors and Analogies – Comparisons can help convey a certain style or quality that is hard to describe literally.

Example Prompt

Here’s an example of a very descriptive prompt:

A majestic white Bengal tiger with bold black stripes and mesmerizing green eyes, prowling through a bamboo forest at dawn, fog swirling around its feet

Specifying Styles and Qualities


You can guide the AI to match styles and qualities like realism, abstraction, or specific art movements.

Some ways to specify this:

  • Name the style directly – “impressionist landscape painting”
  • Give examples of well-known artworks
  • Use descriptive words – “cubist portrait with angular geometric features”

Example Prompt

An Ukiyo-e style portrait of a geisha with white makeup and vibrant red kimono, delicate features reminiscent of Utamaro's prints

Controlling Image Content


Preventing unwanted content is crucial for generating usable images.

Some techniques:

  • Negative prompts – List concepts, styles, etc. to avoid
  • Safety filters – Enable NSFW filter, block anatomy terms
  • Weighting – Boost keywords by repeating or weighting terms

Example Prompt

Beautiful princess with long golden hair, wearing an elegant ballgown:--testp --creative --ar 9:16 --q 2 

Here I repeated “beautiful” and “elegant” to weight those qualities higher.

Useful Resources


Here are some useful sites for learning more about prompt engineering:

The key is practice and taking notes on what works. With experimentation, you’ll be an expert at AI prompt engineering in no time!