Stable Diffusion Prompt for Low Angle

A “low angle” prompt refers to instructing an AI image generation model like Stable Diffusion to render a scene from a camera position lower than the subject. This perspective creates a sense of power and importance in the subject. Mastering low angle prompts can help create more dramatic and compelling AI-generated art.

What is a Low Angle Shot?

In cinematography, a low angle shot positions the camera below the subject, pointing slightly up. This makes the subject appear taller, larger, and more dominant in the frame. Using words like “low angle view” or “shot from below” in Stable Diffusion prompts mimics this camera perspective.

Why Use a Low Angle Prompt?

Compared to a straight-on or high angle shot, a low angle prompt:

  • Makes the subject look strong, mighty, and imposing
  • Creates an interesting, dynamic perspective
  • Adds drama and visual intensity

It’s a great way to make AI art feel more powerful, monumental, and grand.

Stable Diffusion Low Angle Prompt Examples

Here are some examples of effective low angle prompts for Stable Diffusion:

Low Angle Portrait

A beautiful woman posing, low angle portrait, looking at the camera, intricate steampunk dress, highly detailed

This prompt positions the camera below a steampunk woman, creating a striking up-angle portrait.

Low Angle Landscape

Majestic snow-capped mountain landscape, low angle view, tall pine trees in foreground, golden sunset light

The low camera angle makes the mountain and trees seem taller and more impressive.

Low Angle Cityscape

Futuristic cityscape, low angle shot, glass skyscrapers towering above, busy flying traffic criss-crossing a purple sky

The low vantage point emphasizes the height of the buildings against the sky.

Advanced Low Angle Prompting

To take low angle prompting further:

Adjust Camera Height

Use words like “extreme low angle” or “very low angle” for a lower camera position. This strengthens the exaggerated perspective.

Add Lens Effects

A wide angle lens can enhance the intensity of a low angle shot. Prompt “shot with a wide angle lens” for stretched, distorted proportions.

Emphasize Scale

Include size comparisons in the prompt to highlight differences in scale due to the low angle, like “tiny people walking below huge skyscrapers”.

Set Lighting Direction

Side lighting from a low position can create dramatic shadows and contours on the subject.

Useful Resources

Here are some helpful sites to learn more about low angle prompts:

With the right prompts, low angle shots can make AI-generated art much more intense, monumental and cinematic. Start experimenting with these examples and tips to take your Stable Diffusion images to the next level.