Stable Diffusion Prompt for Logo Design

Creating an effective logo design prompt for Stable Diffusion requires an understanding of both graphic design principles and the AI system’s capabilities. Here are some best practices to follow:

Focus on the Brand Identity

Start by clearly defining the purpose, style, industry, values and personality of the brand. This context will allow Stable Diffusion to generate logos that align with the brand identity.

Here is an example prompt focusing on brand identity:

Generate a modern, minimalist logo for a tech startup called "Astra" that provides AI products and services. The logo should use blue and white colors to convey trust, innovation and simplicity. Use a clean sans-serif font and incorporate abstract geometric shapes related to technology.

Specify the Logo Type

Common logo types include lettermarks, pictorial marks, abstract marks and combination marks. Specify which one you want Stable Diffusion to generate.

Lettermark example:

Create a lettermark logo using the letters STC for a sustainability consulting company called Sustainable Transformation Consultants. Use green and brown colors with a modern serif font.

Give Detailed Artistic Direction

Since Stable Diffusion generates images, you can provide artistic details like color palette, shapes, lines, textures and composition.

Example with artistic direction:

Design a combination logo mark for a handmade jewelry shop. Use the letters JSP formed from wire shapes. Include a small charm logo mark depicting a bird. Use muted gold, rose gold and silver colors with watercolor texture backgrounds. Composition should be balanced and sophisticated. 

Use Negative Prompts

Adding negative prompts tells Stable Diffusion what NOT to include. This helps refine the output.

Example with negative prompt:

Create an abstract logo mark formed by smooth intersecting curved lines and circle shapes. Use red, black and white colors with a modern style. Negative prompt: no sharp points, no straight lines, no texture, no gradients, no symbols.

Refine Through Multiple Generations

Creating logos often requires multiple attempts and refinements. Adjust your prompt and generate new logos until you achieve the visual identity you want.

Useful Websites for Stable Diffusion Logo Prompts:


I hope these prompt examples and resources help you design amazing AI-generated logos with Stable Diffusion! Let me know if you have any other questions.