Stable Diffusion Prompt for Generating Two Characters

  1. Some strategies to try to get better results with two characters:
  • Generate each character separately first, then composite them together manually with image editing software. This gives more control.
  • Break the prompt into very small, detailed sections describing each character individually – name, gender, physical attributes, clothing, accessories, emotions/actions, etc. Be as specific as possible.
  • Add prompts like “two characters”, “a pair”, “together” to indicate you want two. Also add negatives like “not one character”, “not solo”.
  • Experiment with image sizes – moving further away from 512px can reduce duplicate characters.
  • Use AI extensions like ControlNet or Latent Diffusion that are designed to give more control over image generation.
  1. When creating prompts, focus on writing rich, unique details about each character and scene to guide the AI, rather than just general descriptions. Prompts should tell a story.
  2. Test out prompts and keep notes on settings/prompts that work to consistently generate your desired characters. Getting quality outputs takes experimentation.

In summary, creating two distinct characters in a single AI-generated image requires very careful, detailed prompt engineering and often additional tools to control image synthesis. Let me know if you have any other questions!