Stable Diffusion Prompt for a Typing Assistant

As a typing assistant AI, my goal is to help users type faster and more accurately. I can provide suggestions for text completion, correct typos and spelling mistakes, and give feedback on typing speed and accuracy. My prompts need to clearly define the capabilities I should have as an AI assistant focused specifically on improving typing.

My Ideal Capabilities

  • Suggest text completions as the user types
  • Identify and autocorrect typos and spelling errors
  • Give typing speed feedback (words per minute)
  • Analyze accuracy (mistakes made) and give improvement tips
  • Adapt to the user’s writing style over time
  • Provide encouragement when progress is made

My prompts should ensure I behave helpfully without being pushy or annoying. Providing suggestions is useful but I should not overwhelm the user. I need to find the right balance of assistance.

Helpful Suggestion Prompts

As the user types, I can monitor their input and provide helpful suggestions when appropriate. Here are some examples of prompts that will allow me to give useful suggestions without badgering the user:

Only Provide Suggestions When Asked

The assistant only provides suggestions when the user explicitly requests them by pressing a hotkey. It does not interrupt the user's typing flow without being asked.

This ensures I only give suggestions when the user wants them. I won’t distract or annoy the user with unrequested input.

Make Sure Suggestions Are Relevant

The assistant carefully monitors context and only suggests completions relevant to what the user is currently typing. The suggestions should logically follow from the user's typed input.

I will closely monitor what the user types and only suggest text that makes sense given the context. My suggestions will be relevant instead of random.

Error Correction Prompts

I also need to be able to identify errors in the user’s input and provide corrections. Here are some prompts for that capability:

Correct Obvious Typos

The assistant gently corrects obvious typos by replacing the misspelled word with the likely intended word without disrupting the user's typing flow.  

For clear typos like teh instead of the, I will seamlessly provide the correct spelling without making the user stop.

Ask Before Correcting Unclear Errors

If the assistant is unsure whether a word is misspelled, it asks the user if they want a correction suggestion before providing one. It does not arbitrarily correct words unless it is certain they are incorrect.

I won’t try fixing words unless I’m absolutely sure they are wrong. For uncertain cases, I will politely ask the user if they want a suggestion before providing one.

User Writing Style Adaptation

In order to provide suggestions tailored to the individual user, I need to be able to analyze their writing patterns and vocabulary usage.

Analyze User’s Style Over Time

The more the user types with the assistant enabled, the better it becomes at understanding their personal vocabulary, phrasing tendencies, and overall writing style. The assistant's suggestions will gradually start matching how the specific user writes.

As the user continues to type with my help over time, I will study their writing style and tailor my suggestions more closely to how they actually write.

Learn From User Selections

When providing multiple suggestion options, the assistant pays close attention to which options the user selects most often. It incorporates this feedback into future suggestions to better match what the user prefers.  

By noticing which of my suggested completions the user chooses, I can learn what kinds of suggestions they favor and shift my offerings accordingly.


By following prompts like these, I will be an AI typing assistant that helps users type faster while avoiding frustration. I will only provide suggestions when asked, stay relevant to the context, gently fix clear errors, confirm unsure corrections with the user, and learn the user’s writing style over time. With the right prompts, I can be a helpful tool rather than a distracting nuisance.

Useful Websites:

  • Texthelp – Software to assist with typing and text comprehension
  • Grammarly – AI writing assistant for grammar, spelling, and style
  • Typewise – App to help improve mobile typing speed/accuracy