Stable Diffusion Prompt Documentation

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation model that creates images from text prompts. Writing effective prompts is key to generating high-quality images that match your creative vision.

This article provides beginner-friendly prompt documentation with examples and best practices to help you quickly get started with Stable Diffusion.

Anatomy of a Stable Diffusion Prompt

A typical Stable Diffusion prompt has a few key components:

  • Subject – The main focus of the image, described in detail. E.g. “A oil painting portrait of a young woman”.
  • Style/Medium – The desired artistic style and medium. E.g. “impressionist oil painting”.
  • Details – Additional descriptive details about the subject and scene. E.g. “wearing a blue flower crown, looking into the distance wistfully”.
  • Modifiers – Terms to adjust image properties like lighting, detail level and more.

Well-structured prompts with the right keywords lead to better outputs. Let’s look at some prompt engineering best practices.

Crafting Effective Prompts

Be Specific

Provide enough detail so Stable Diffusion generates what you envision. Overly vague prompts cause unpredictable outputs.

Use Direct Language

Speak directly about what you want to see, using clear language.

Limit Scene Complexity

Start with a simple subject and background before adding more elements.

Use Relevant Keywords

Learn keywords that produce desired styles and effects.

Check for Unintended Biases

Avoid potentially problematic assumptions and connotations.

Helpful Prompt Writing Tools

PromptHero and PromptMania have Stable Diffusion prompt idea generators with examples.

Lexica is a prompt keyword search engine.

Prompt Formatting Tips

  • Put keywords that must appear first, followed by nice-to-haves.
  • Use commas between independent prompt clauses.
  • Parentheses can weight keywords ( ) or enforce keywords [ ].

Bold and italic text also helps weighting.

Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples

Here are some sample prompts showcasing best practices:

Simple Full Body Portrait

An oil painting portrait of a young Black woman with short curly hair. She is wearing a blue flower crown and looking into the distance wistfully. Soft lighting, very detailed, digital art.

Complex Scene Composition

Sunbeams shining from heavens onto a moody foggy landscape, matte painting trending on artstation, by Greg Rutkowski and Thomas Kinkade, 8k resolution

Stylized Character Portrait

A sharp 4k render of an anime cyborg woman with blue eyes and pink hair braided into a bun. She is wearing a futuristic armored suit, against a vibrant pink and blue background. Detailed, digital art.


Writing great Stable Diffusion prompts requires both art and science. Follow these prompt documentation tips and experiment relentlessly until you develop prompt engineering intuition through practice.

Check out PromptHero’s in-depth guides to take your prompt skills even further!