Stable Diffusion Prompt Database

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI system that can generate realistic images from text prompts. Crafting effective prompts is key to getting good results from Stable Diffusion. This article will provide an overview of Stable Diffusion prompts and give examples of prompts that tend to work well.

Elements of a Good Stable Diffusion Prompt

A good Stable Diffusion prompt has several key elements:

  • Clear description of the desired image: Be specific about what you want the AI to generate. Describe the subject matter, style, composition, etc.
  • Details and context: Give the AI enough background details and context so it can generate a coherent image.
  • Style and aesthetic specifications: Want the image in a particular art style? Specify it in the prompt. Details like color palette and level of abstraction can also be specified.
  • Negative prompts: Use negative prompts to tell the AI what NOT to include in the generated image. This helps steer the results.
  • Formatting: Use capitalization, commas between prompt elements, and other formatting for clarity.

Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples

Here are some examples of effective Stable Diffusion prompts in different categories:


A beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, bright green eyes, rosy cheeks, wearing a red sweater, studio portrait lighting, highly detailed

An elderly bald man with a white beard, wearing small round glasses, facing right, black and white portrait, dramatic lighting


An epic wide landscape photo of a tropical beach at sunset, palm trees in foreground, vibrant colors, detailed clouds, aerial drone perspective

A misty forest in autumn, tall colorful trees with red and yellow leaves, soft lighting, depth of field blur, peaceful mood  

Still Life

A tabletop still life scene, smooth white background, featuring a cut crystal vase with red roses and baby's breath, soft natural lighting, shallow depth of field

An open antique book with ornate gold detailing on a wooden table, indirect sunlight from a nearby window creates a rim light, shallow depth of field blur

Conceptual / Fantasy

An astronaut floating in space near a blue gas planet, stars in background, digital art

A friendly cartoon robot made of old computer parts, offering a tiny flower bouquet, soft lighting, depth of field focus

Prompt Engineering Tips

Here are some additional tips for crafting better Stable Diffusion prompts:

  • Start prompts with descriptive keywords of the main subject
  • Use comma separation between prompt elements
  • Specify number of subjects if it matters
  • Name specific styles, artists, eras for aesthetic style
  • Add lighting, exposure, depth of field descriptors
  • Include compositional guidance like foreground/background elements
  • Consider emotions and moods you want to convey

Take time to test and refine your prompts. Small tweaks can make a big difference in the quality of Stable Diffusion results!

Useful Resources

Hopefully this overview gives you a better understanding of Stable Diffusion prompts and how to compose effective ones. Feel free to reference the examples and tips here when designing your own prompts. With some practice, you’ll be creating amazing AI-generated images in no time!