Stable Diffusion Prompt Artists

Stable Diffusion is an AI image generation model that creates images from text prompts. Mentioning specific artists in prompts can influence the style and quality of the generated images. Crafting effective prompts requires an understanding of different artists’ styles.

This article provides prompt examples inspired by different artists, as well as tips on prompt engineering for Stable Diffusion.

Selecting Artists for Prompts

When selecting an artist to include in a Stable Diffusion prompt, consider:

  • The uniqueness and recognizability of the artist’s style
  • How much training data is available for that artist
  • Whether the artist’s style suits the desired image content

Some artists that tend to work well in prompts:

  • Van Gogh – Unique brush strokes and color palette
  • Picasso – Abstract, cubist style
  • Monet – Soft, impressionist landscapes

Avoid artists with very narrow styles like Beatrix Potter, as prompts often just add irrelevant details like rabbits.

Prompt Structure

Effective Stable Diffusion prompts tend to follow this basic structure:

"A [type of image] of [main subject], [style cues]*"

Some examples:

  • “An oil painting portrait of a woman in Picasso’s cubist style”
  • “A surrealist digital illustration of a clockwork robot, detailed, Jacek Yerka influences”

Prompting for Consistent Faces

Getting Stable Diffusion to generate consistent faces across multiple images takes some prompt engineering. Useful techniques include:

  • Specifying an existing face using img2img
  • Referencing the same fictional character across prompts
  • Using duplicate face cues like “twin sisters”

Limiting Image Variation

Stable Diffusion generates a range of images for each prompt. To limit variation:

  • Lower CFG scale values
  • Use exact style/content descriptors
  • Specify a consistent palette

This increases predictability but can reduce creativity.

Useful Websites for Stable Diffusion Prompts

Example Prompts for Different Artists

Here are some example prompts inspired by various artists:

Picasso Cubist Portraits

An oil painting portrait of a woman with cubist style face in shades of blue, by Pablo Picasso

Van Gogh Landscapes

A textured oil painting of a wheat field with a windmill, in the style of Van Gogh's landscapes, thick visible brushstrokes

Dali Surrealist Scenes

A surrealist digital illustration with melting clocks in a desolate landscape, smooth gradients, reminiscent of Salvador Dali

Monet Water Lilies

A Claude Monet impressionist painting of water lilies on a pond, soft pastel colors, blurred background

With the right artist cues and descriptive details, Stable Diffusion can generate images inspired by many classic artists and styles. Referencing multiple artists in one prompt is also possible for unique combinations.

The key is learning what style elements to emphasize for each artist, through experimentation and studying their body of work. Over time, you will develop an intuition for prompting Stable Diffusion to mimic different artists.

There is an art to writing effective prompts, but the possibilities are endless. Use these examples as inspiration to create your own artworks!