Spotify’s Top Siri Commands for Ultimate Music Control

Looking for the ultimate music control experience? Look no further than the innovative integration of Spotify and Siri. From simply playing a song to adding an entire playlist to a music queue, Spotify’s Top Siri commands offer countless ways to access and control your favorite music easily and seamlessly. Below, we’ve compiled some sample voice command examples to get you started on unlocking the full potential of Spotify and Siri.

#1 Playback Control:

“Play [song/artist/album] on Spotify”
“Pause Spotify”
“Resume Spotify”
“Skip this song”
“Play previous song”

#2 Queue Control:

“Add [song/artist/album] to my Spotify queue”
“Remove this song from my Spotify queue”
“Clear my Spotify queue”

#3 Playlist Control:

“Play my playlist on Spotify”
“Add this song to my playlist on Spotify”
“Create a new playlist on Spotify”
“Delete this playlist from Spotify”

#4 Album Control:

“Play [album name] album on Spotify”
“Add entire [album name] album to my Spotify queue”
“Save this album to my Spotify library”

#5 Artist Control:

“Play songs by [artist name] on Spotify”
“Add [artist name] to my Spotify library”
“Play this song’s album by [artist name]”

#6 Browse Control:

“Show me Spotify’s top songs right now”
“Play music for a party on Spotify”
“Find relaxing music on Spotify”
“Play Spotify radio based on this song/artist”