Siri’s Voice Commands: Texting Made Easy!

Imagine being able to send text messages without touching your phone. With Siri’s Voice Commands, this becomes a reality. Siri, the intelligent voice assistant created by Apple, allows you to control your iPhone or iPad with just your voice. Never again will you have to struggle with typing out a message while on the go. Below, you will find a range of voice command examples that demonstrate how Siri can make texting easier than ever before. Simply activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri,” and let the magic happen. Say goodbye to typing and hello to hands-free texting!

#1 Basic Commands

“Send a message to [contact name] saying [message]”
“Text [contact name] [message]”
“Tell [contact name] [message]”
“Text [contact name] that I’ll be running late”
“Send a message to [contact name] asking if they’re free tonight”
“Message [contact name] that I’m on my way”
“Text [contact name] that I’ll call them later”
“Tell [contact name] I’ll see them at 6 pm”
“Text [contact name] that I can’t make it to the party”
“Send a message to [contact name] saying I love you”

#2 Dictation

“Dictate a message to [contact name]”
“Tell [contact name] I need to reschedule our meeting”
“Text [contact name] I’m looking forward to our dinner tonight”
“Send a message to [contact name] asking for their address”
“Tell [contact name] I’ll pick up groceries on the way home”
“Text [contact name] that I’ll be there in 10 minutes”
“Message [contact name] saying I can’t find my keys”
“Text [contact name] to let them know the game was canceled”

#3 Hands-Free Reply and Read

“Reply to [contact name] saying [response]”
“Reply to [contact name] with [message]”
“Text [contact name] [response]”
“Tell [contact name] [response]”
“Reply to [contact name] that I’m busy right now”
“Text [contact name] I’ll call you back later”
“Message [contact name] saying I’m on my way”
“Text [contact name] thanks for the information”
“Tell [contact name] I’ll check my schedule and get back to them”

#4 Group Messages

“Send a message to [contact name] and [contact name] saying [message]”
“Text [contact name], [contact name], and [contact name] [message]”
“Tell [contact name], [contact name], and [contact name] [message]”
“Group message [contact name], [contact name], and [contact name] that I’ll be late”
“Send a message to the group saying [message]”
“Text the group [message]”
“Message [contact name], [contact name], and [contact name] that the plan has changed”
“Text the group that the meeting is canceled”

#5 Editing and Corrections

“Change text to [new message]”
“Replace [word or phrase] with [new word or phrase]”
“Insert [word or phrase] after [specific word or phrase]”
“Remove [specific word or phrase]”
“Undo the last message”
“Change [contact name] to [correct contact name]”
“Replace [contact name] with [correct contact name]”
“Correct the last message to say [corrected message]”
“Fix the spelling of [word]”

#6 Sending Attachments

“Send a photo to [contact name]”
“Text [contact name] a picture”
“Tell [contact name] to check out this image”
“Message [contact name] the photo I took today”
“Send a video to [contact name]”
“Text [contact name] a video clip”
“Tell [contact name] to watch this funny video”
“Message [contact name] the video from last night’s party”
“Send my location to [contact name]”
“Text [contact name] my current location”

#7 Siri Announcements

“Tell everyone I’ll be there in five minutes”
“Send a broadcast saying the party is starting”
“Message everyone that the venue has changed”
“Text all my contacts that my number has changed”
“Tell everyone I’ll meet them at the restaurant”
“Send a message to everyone saying the event is postponed”
“Text all saying I’m running late”
“Message everyone the details of the upcoming trip”

#8 Requesting Information

“Ask [contact name] what time the movie starts”
“Text [contact name] to find out if they are free tomorrow”
“Tell [contact name] to send me the recipe for lasagna”
“Ask [contact name] where we should meet for lunch”
“Text [contact name] for directions to their house”
“Inquire with [contact name] about the party details”
“Ask [contact name] to remind me of the meeting time”
“Text [contact name] to check if they finished their assignment”

#9 Reminders and Alarms

“Remind me to call [contact name] at 5 pm”
“Text [contact name] to remind me about the dentist appointment”
“Set a reminder to buy groceries”
“Ask [contact name] to remind me to pick up dry cleaning”
“Tell [contact name] I need a wake-up call at 7 am”
“Set an alarm for 8 am”
“Text [contact name] to wake me up in 30 minutes”
“Remind me to take medication at 2 pm”
“Ask [contact name] to remind me of the staff meeting”