Siri’s Spotify Commands: Mastering Music with Voice Control

Mastering music with voice control has never been easier with Siri’s Spotify commands. With just a few words, you can now control the music playing on your Spotify account without the need to touch your device. Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to make your listening experience more enjoyable.

#1 Basic Commands

“Play music”
“Pause music”
“Skip song”
“Previous song”
“Resume music”
“Volume up”
“Volume down”

#2 Playback Control Commands

“Play some jazz music”
“Play my playlist titled ‘Favorites'”
“Play songs by Coldplay”
“Play the latest album by Adele”
“Play my Discover Weekly playlist”
“Add this song to my Liked Songs”
“Play some relaxing music for bedtime”
“Shuffle my music library”

#3 Personalized Commands

“Play music based on my taste”
“Play the songs I listened to on Monday”
“Play a new song that I might like”
“Play my Top Songs playlist”
“Play some music for my workout”

#4 Playlist Management Commands

“Create a new playlist”
“Add this song to my ‘Workout’ playlist”
“Remove this song from my playlist”
“Rename my playlist”
“Delete this playlist”

#5 Device Control Commands

“Play music on my living room speakers”
“Transfer music to my headphones”
“Stop playing music on my phone”
“Resume playing music on my computer”
“Pause music on my smartwatch”

With these Siri’s Spotify commands, you can now have full control over your music listening experience. So why not try them out now and see how you can make your listening experience more enjoyable with just your voice.