Siri’s Punctuation Voice Commands: A Comprehensive List

Siri’s Punctuation Voice Commands: A Comprehensive List provides a valuable resource for users seeking to enhance their punctuation skills with the help of Siri’s voice commands. Below, you will find a compilation of voice command examples, created to assist you in navigating the intricate world of punctuation. Whether you need to insert a comma, capitalize a word, or add quotation marks, Siri is here to simplify the process. Explore the array of commands below, categorized for easy reference, and discover how Siri can revolutionize the way you punctuate your writing.

Capitalization Commands

“Capitalize [word]” – Capitalizes the first letter of a specific word.
“Capitalize this” – Capitalizes the next word after the command.
“Capitalize all” – Capitalizes the entire text following the command.

Punctuation Marks

“Period” – Inserts a period at the end of the sentence.
“Question mark” – Adds a question mark at the end of a sentence.
“Exclamation point” – Inserts an exclamation point to express strong emotions.
“Comma” – Adds a comma to separate items in a list or to indicate a pause in a sentence.
“Colon” – Inserts a colon to introduce a list or clarify information.
“Semicolon” – Adds a semicolon to connect two related sentences.
“Hyphen” – Inserts a hyphen to join compound words or indicate a break in a word.
“Em dash” – Adds an em dash to emphasize a phrase or set apart parenthetical information.
“En dash” – Inserts an en dash to indicate a range or connection between two elements.
“Ellipsis” – Adds an ellipsis to indicate the omission of words or a trailing thought.

Quotation Marks

“Open quote” – Inserts an opening quotation mark.
“Close quote” – Adds a closing quotation mark.
“Open double quote” – Inserts an opening double quotation mark.
“Close double quote” – Adds a closing double quotation mark.
“Open single quote” – Inserts an opening single quotation mark.
“Close single quote” – Adds a closing single quotation mark.

Brackets and Parentheses

“Open bracket” – Inserts an opening bracket.
“Close bracket” – Adds a closing bracket.
“Open parentheses” – Inserts an opening parenthesis.
“Close parentheses” – Adds a closing parenthesis.

More Punctuation Commands

“Slash” – Inserts a forward slash to indicate a choice or separate elements.
“Ampersand” – Adds an ampersand for joining words or symbols.
“At sign” – Inserts an at sign when referring to an email or username.
“Hashtag” – Adds a hashtag symbol to categorize or reference a topic.
“Dollar sign” – Inserts a dollar sign to indicate currency.
“Percent sign” – Adds a percent sign to denote a proportion or amount.

Date and Time Punctuation

“Insert date” – Adds the current date in the specified format.
“Insert time” – Inserts the current time in the preferred format.

These voice commands offer a glimpse into the extensive range of punctuation assistance Siri can provide. With these commands at your disposal, punctuating your writing becomes more efficient, enabling you to focus on the creative aspects of your work. Experiment with Siri’s punctuation voice commands and unlock the full potential of this powerful tool in enhancing your writing skills.