Siri Voice Commands 2019: Complete List of Examples

Below is a comprehensive list of voice command examples that you can use with Siri in 2019. Siri voice commands 2019: Complete List of Examples offers a wide range of commands that can help you navigate your iPhone, manage tasks, access information, and much more. These voice commands are designed to assist you in making the most of Siri’s capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a specific feature or simply want to explore the possibilities, this list has got you covered. So go ahead, try out these voice commands and let Siri simplify your life.

#1 Phone and Messaging

“Call [contact’s name]”
“Send a message to [contact’s name] saying [your message]”
“Read my new messages”
“FaceTime [contact’s name]”
“Call back the missed call from [contact’s name]”
“Send an email to [contact’s name] about [subject]”
“Send a WhatsApp message to [contact’s name] saying [your message]”
“Create a new note”
“Remind me to call [contact’s name] at [time]”
“Set a timer for [duration] minutes”

#2 Email and Calendar

“Read my email”
“Schedule a meeting with [contact’s name] at [time]”
“Set a reminder for [event]”
“What’s my next appointment?”
“Move my [event] to [date/time]”
“Add [task] to my to-do list”
“Search my calendar for [event]”
“Cancel my meeting with [contact’s name]”
“Remind me to [task] on [date]”
“What’s on my agenda today?”

#3 Entertainment and Media

“Play [song/artist/playlist]”
“Shuffle my music”
“Open Spotify”
“Watch [movie/TV show]”
“Add [song/artist/album] to my library”
“Play my favorite radio station”
“Find me some new podcasts”
“Show me the latest news”
“Play the latest episode of [podcast]”
“Add [movie/TV show] to my watchlist”

#4 Web and Social Media

“Search the web for [query]”
“Open [website]”
“What’s the weather like tomorrow?”
“Find me a recipe for [dish]”
“Search for images of [subject]”
“What time is it in [city]?”
“Check stock prices for [symbol]”
“Tweet [message]”
“Post on Facebook [message]”
“Browse Twitter for Siri commands 2019″

#5 Productivity and Organization

“Set an alarm for [time]”
“Take a selfie”
“Calculate [mathematical operation]”
“Show me my photos from [location]”
“Open [app]”
“Find [file] on my phone”
“Set a reminder for [task] at [time]”
“Find me a nearby [business type]”
“Turn on/off Wi-Fi”
“Show me my boarding pass”

#6 Apple HomeKit

“Turn on the lights”
“Dim the living room lights”
“Set the temperature to [degrees] in the bedroom”
“Lock the front door”
“Open the garage door”
“Close the blinds”
“Set up a scene for movie night”
“Turn on the coffee machine”
“Start the dishwasher”
“Find my iPhone”

#7 Health and Fitness

“How many calories are in [food item]?”
“Track my steps”
“Record my workout”
“What’s my heart rate?”
“Start a cycling workout”
“Set a reminder to drink water every hour”
“Find healthy recipes”
“Find me the nearest gym”
“Track my sleep”
“Set a weight loss goal”

#8 Miscellaneous

“Translate [phrase] to [language]”
“Where’s the nearest gas station?”
“What’s the definition of [word]?”
“Roll a dice”
“Turn on/off airplane mode”
“Set a nickname for [contact’s name]”
“Play some ambient sounds”
“Find my Apple Watch”
“Restart my device”
“Tell me a joke”