Siri Voice Command Examples for Controlling iTunes: A Complete Guide

Below are some Siri voice command examples you can use to control iTunes. Whether you want to play a specific song, shuffle your music, or create a playlist, Siri can make it easy to control your music just by using your voice.

#1 Play a Song

“Play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.”

#2 Shuffle Music

“Shuffle my music.”

#3 Skip Songs

“Skip this song.”

#4 Play Specific Artist

“Play songs by Taylor Swift.”

#5 Create a Playlist

“Create a new playlist called ‘Workout.'”

#6 Add Song to Playlist

“Add this song to my ‘Chill’ playlist.”

#7 Play Top Charts

“Play the top 100 charts.”

#8 Play Specific Genre

“Play some jazz music.”

#9 Pause Music

“Pause the music.”

#10 Resume Music

“Resume the music.”

#11 Control Volume

“Turn the volume up.”

#12 Search for a Song

“Search for ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars.”

#13 Play Next Song

“Play the next song.”

#14 Play Previous Song

“Play the previous song.”

#15 Repeat Song

“Repeat this song.”

#16 Like/Dislike Song

“I like this song.”

#17 Share Song

“Share this song with John.”

#18 Lyrics

“What are the lyrics to this song?”

#19 Play Specific Album

“Play the album ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.”

#20 Upcoming Concerts

“What concerts are coming up for BeyoncĂ©?”

#21 Identify Song

“What song is playing?”

#22 Create Station

“Create a radio station based on this song.”

#23 Now Playing

“What song is playing right now?”

#24 Stop Music

“Stop the music.”

#25 Repeat Playlist

“Repeat this playlist.”

#26 Play Party Music

“Play some party music.”

#27 Play Relaxing Music

“Play some relaxing music.”

#28 Siri, Who Sings This Song?

“Siri, who sings this song?”

#29 Siri, What Album is This Song From?

“Siri, what album is this song from?”

#30 Siri, Can You Play More Songs Like This?

“Siri, can you play more songs like this?”

#31 Siri, Add This Song to My Favorites

“Siri, add this song to my favorites.”

#32 Siri, Play Music by My Favorite Artist

“Siri, play music by my favorite artist.”

#33 Siri, Can You Find a Song Similar to This One?

“Siri, can you find a song similar to this one?”